Rainmaker (album)

Hi all,

it’s been a few months since I shared here my first Delusion’s Master album, so I’m excited to share another one, called “Rainmaker”:

The album title is an homage to the song “Rainmaker” by Kansas, that I’ve always loved: the title track itself, despite being a different genre, is basically an unofficial “sequel” to the story told in that very song. Musically speaking, the album a mixed bag of different genres, so I hope you’ll all find something to appreciate in the album. While not a concept album, rain acts as the common theme in all songs, in one form or another.

As always, this was recorded, mixed and mastered using only free and open source tools. Special mention of course to Ardour, which I used and abused a lot to get there! :heart:

I sincerely hope you’ll be able to find some time to listen to this work. In case you do, whether you liked it or nor I’d love to hear your feedback!


Awesome work :slight_smile:
I haven’t finished listening completely, but the production quality is really encouraging me, that producing my own stuff with Ardour can indeed yield a high quality result. I’d love to have a chat, because I am kind of going for a similar sound, although for my taste you could put the vocals a bit more up-front, but that certainly is a stylistic decision.

Thanks for listening and for the kind words!

I can definitely confirm that Ardour is amazing, and gives you everything you need to get the best result possible, especially with the help of the many plugins available in the open source space. I’m not that good at mixing at all, but still I slowly managed to get to a point where things sound good enough. I know there’s people that get truly professional results out of Ardour, so as a tool it’s definitely up to the task and more!

On vocals, I’m terrible as a singer, and I just sang here and on the previous album because I’m doing everything by myself :grin: As a consequence, mixing of vocals is one of the areas where I’m currently lacking the most: I’m at a point now where I think I can get a good compression, but when it comes at balancing things that’s much harder. The fact I suck at singing also means I tend to bury the voice a bit too deep in reverb and double voices, which probably doesn’t help in getting them more up-front as you said and actually hides them a bit instead. Apart from this, I guess it’s also a matter of the tone of my voice, which is a bit on the low side, and so maybe ends up “fighting” for room more in the frequency spectrum with the other instruments: in “Desert Rain” a friend contributed his voice too, and you can hear him popping out more thanks to the fact he’s more in the upper range too. Hopefully I’ll improve this area in the future!

Thanks again for your feedback :grinning:


Very impressive :smiley: but too short - I want more!

Hahaha and here I thought an hour of music would be too much for most people instead :sweat_smile:
If you feel like it, my previous album is on there as well, and it contains a long 18 minutes “epic” that may tickle your Moonsorrow taste :grin:

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