Delusion's Master (album)

Hi all,

I published my first album on several streaming sites, including Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and others (thanks to DistroKid):

Most of the tracks were written and shared in the past couple of years, while I was happily experimenting with music on Linux, and have been rewritten/rearranged/fixed along the way with what I learned in the meanwhile. The title track that gives the name to the album is an 18 minutes progressive rock song, written with a full orchestra in mind (and as such my personal homage to Renaissance, one of my favourite bands), and named after the “Delusion’s Master” novel by Tanith Lee, a personal favourite for a long time. All the mixing and mastering was done with Ardour 6. Most of the album is instrumental, but there are vocal parts as well (unfortunately sung by me, not a singer :smiley: )

Hope you’ll find some time to give it a listen, and that you’ll enjoy it!


Overall I like the guitar sound, and you did a great job recording the acoustic on Delusion’s Master at around 8m20s! Any tricks that you used on that?

Thanks, glad you liked it!

The main tip I learned for acoustic guitars was to record pickup (integrated or external) and microphone at the same time to separate tracks: the pickup is perfect for capturing exactly what you play on the strings, but it gives a very dry sound, which lacks the warmth, body and general “airiness” that the mic captures instead. As such, when you get them both at the same time, the idea is that you get the best of both worlds. Of course mine is a quite basic approach, as there’s people that go way beyond that capturing guitars from multiple mics, etc., but this does work for me, also for the 12 strings acoustic. Once you record both tracks, it’s then just a matter of doing a bit of processing, e.g., in terms of compression and equalization: for that, I relied on some tips I found online which helped make the guitar sound much better overall.