Question about sound/midi routing with lsp


I’m new, so this is a beginner question: I have the LSP multi sampler plugin loaded with a drumset, kick, snare,… 10 samples overall.
I do not understand how to setup the routing of midi and audio so that I end up with one sample in one mixer track, so that I can work on them individually.

I tried to load the sampler into a midi bus, like suggested elsewhere in this forum, but I fail to route the sound to individual channels… can someone give me a quick 101 on this, because the LSP documentation does not really help me unfortunately.

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So after fiddling around I found out that I can record the sounds from the sampler to actual audio tracks, each sample to an individual track. Took me some time to figure out how to configure everything… but it is nice and works and I can even hear the stuff I already played when recording new stuff.

Just for completeness: Is there also a way to record only the midi notes? Because for drums that’s not so complicated, but for synths I might want to add some automation afterwards…

I have not used Linuxsampler but I guess the process of getting sounds to individual tracks is the same as in Drumgizmo. Here is a guide I’ve been following:

Also x42 AVL drumkits plugin is the easiest way to get decent drums in Ardour:

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