Introducing AVL Drumkits LV2!


Just passing along this screencast of the new AVL Drumkits LV2 plugin in Ardour 5.5 created by Robin Gareus:

More info here:

Huge thanks to Robin for taking the AVL Drumkits to the next level!

Glen MacArthur, AV Linux Maintainer


Looks great. Great addition to linux plugins.

Wow! Great stuff! Thanks Glen and Robin! You guys rock!

Works great! I’m really enjoing it!

Hello! I’m new to Linux and Ardour, how do you install AVL on my Ubuntu Studio?
Unpack it and put avldrums.lv2 into /home/username/.lv2 (or check README.txt)


I put it like this in the capture, but in ardor it is not to select.-

What could happen?


All those files need to be in a sub-folder ~/.lv2/avldrums.lv2 (and lower case “l” in `~/lv2)

cd /tmp
tar xf x42-avldrums-v0.3.4-x86_64.tar.gz
mkdir ~/.lv2
mv x42-avldrums/avldrums.lv2 ~/lv2/

restart ardour to pick up the new plugins and look for “Black Pearl” and “Red Zeppelin”

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Thank you very much!!! Sound Awesome!!

For future reference: Visit the project page for the download link. Once there’s an update the direct download of v0.3.4 will not work anymore:

Hi Robin, I followed your instructions, downloaded and extracted the files, a directory was created and all the files was moved into the new directory, but when I restart Ardour I don’t see the plugins. I’m using ubuntu studio 19.04 disco dingo. It seems that there is no avl drum in the instruments in my Ardour plugins.

Please, can you help me?

The drumkits are called “Black Pearl” and “Red Zeppelin” - They should be listed in the dropdown when creating a new MIDI track, or in the plugin-manager under “Instruments”.

If not, perhaps check Menu > Window > Log (for some more information).

thanks Robin,
I’ll try to check the log.
I’ve already done the first part, I mean I created a MIDI track and searched “Instruments” in the plug-in manager, but I didn’t find any “Black Pearl” or “Red Zeppelin”.
tomorrow I’ll try to post some screenshot.

Hi All,

I know this is an older/ongoing thread so hopefully someone sees and can help with my transition to Linux/Ardour from Windows/FL Studio…

Following the instructions above worked well to get Ardour to pick up the drum plugins when adding a MIDI track.

Here’s a screenshot showing the directory path and files in GUI:

Can anyone help point me in the direction of the BASICS of actually programming these drums on the piano roll so I can make a beat?–For example: snapping placed notes/hits to a grid (like a step sequencer) for faster workflow, or any other tips… I’ve figured that I maybe have to draw a region for my notes to be placed (percussive) and to drag/expand the track so I can see C2-C4 notes…just need help with any tips on using Ardour to program drums coming from a step-sequencer environment.

My DAW experience is limited to FL Studio on Windows.

Thank you @x42 (Robin) for all your efforts and making this stuff available. The world needs more like you.

Well, I think you’ve pretty much got it. Does this quick demo help at all?

Update: There’s also the option to switch to “Percussive” note mode. Right-click the track and choose from the pop-up menu.

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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you a bunch!

Aaah, this was exactly the clarification I needed. From the README.txt I thought I was supposed to move the contents of avldrums.lv2 to ~/.lv2. Thanks.

wow this looks impressive, thanks for that work!! this “fan out” option , does that work with all plugins doing multichannel output?

Yes, it works with every multi-channel instrument plugin.

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Here a different question: We’ve got Roland V-drums. Connecting via USB to the computer and as MIDI controller into Ardour works like a charm. I do really love the AVL Drumkits plugin!! But the V-drums have three tom-toms and therefore don’t translate perfectly to the AVL Kits with only two tom-toms…

One might argue that the third tom-tom could be used to control a different sound (clap or whatever), but my son needs three toms for his drum lessons…

Does someone have a simple idea how to get the third tom-tom into action in a simple manner…?