Properties window missing!

Ardour 5.8: I’ve got this one project where the “properties” window simply won’t show.

When I click menu Session->Properties window (or press alt+o)- it toggles the checkmark as it’s supposed to, but the window never shows up.

I am on Ubuntu w. unity, and using the display-mode where all open windows becomes icons to choose from, I can see that the window is simply not there - so I don’t think it’s an issue of the window being opened outside the viewable area, I think it’s an issue of the window not being opened at all.

Of course this is the ONE project I actually need for work, and I’d so like to set the framerate to 25 AND experiment with using Ardour as time-slave to blender (this is a workflow thing - so no need telling me that it’s much better to use blender as slave and ardour as master :slight_smile: ).

Any ideas? Perhaps a direct text-edit of the project file somewhere?

Does it work in a new project?

Try to move the instant.xml (GUI settings) in the session-folder out of the way. That restores GUI/Window positioning amongst other things. (make a backup, in case that helps, it’d be nice to compare and see why/how it broke).

The session-props are in the .ardour session file itself under <config> The framerate is “timecode-format” and 25fps is =“3”

Great - I’ll have a look in instant.xml and the .ardour file! And - yes, the properties window opens up fine in other projects (incl. new ones)