Problem with Stem export

Is there a problem with Stem export? We tried to do my friend’s Mac book Air Stem export, but the exported stems are muted. After a few tries, we got a few tracks out normally, but not all of them. Could this be related to the fact that we used plugins in the signal path before recording, i.e. so-called wet recording?

So to be clear the Stem export is failing on a Mac with the MacOS version of Ardour?

I will report as soon as I get them. He already left for the other side of the county. :slight_smile:

However, this might be a session related issue as I transferred the session to my computer and opened it in Mixbus 32C as the latest version. The problem recurred. Here is the latest version of AvLinux

The picture shows a signal chain that has been in use

Just for sake of completeness, check this:

Don’t know that it is the issue, but given similar results, there is a possibility. Note that in this case the playhead didn’t move during export though, so not sure if that is true in your case or not?


True. The playhead did not move with this original export problem.
I was able to export the session using the changes Robin suggested with playhead moving of course.

Now this problem has returned using Ardour 7.
I unfortunately did not backup the session file as I was doing for weeks before trying to export.
Have not needed any backed up session files until now.
Last export to CD resulted in empty file without playhead moving.
Edits to session file that fixed this before don’t seem relevant since
I don’t find the line below in the newly broken session file.

"ExportChannelConfiguration split=“0” channels=“2” region-processing=“Fades”> "

Changing the last value to “None” resolved the empty export before.

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