Plugins that don't work

Hi all,

there are some plugins in Ardour 6.9.0 that I don’t display correctly.
For example: LSP Sampler Stereo, this is the window I see when I click on the left plugin:

Isn’t something missing?

Same problem for example with DrumGizmo: clicking on the left red plugin, opens only this small window:

I tried to follow the solutions of this thread, but without success (or maybe I did something wrong).

Some advice?

I use Ardour 6.9.0 “After Bach” (rev 6.9) Intel 64-bit - debug
on Ubuntu 18.04 (Gnome).


Well first things first, I am guessing you got this from the Ubuntu Repo? It appears to have been compiled without support for LV2 UIs, or at least the UIs used by those LV2s. I would recommend utilizing a package from this site, or you will have to compile your own.


I compiled the Ardour 6.9.0 source code.
[Ubuntu 18.04 Repo gives Ardour version 5.12, I don’t use it].

Yes, the problem is that the LV2 UI is actually missing.
Otherwise the other plugins works fine.



Check Menu > Help > About > Config and see if
LV2 UI embedding: True

If it is False, you were missing a built-dependency: libsuil-dev when compiling Ardour.

I checked, it is:

LV2 UI embedding: False

In fact libsuil-dev was missing: I installed it now from synaptic.
Do you advise me to compile Ardour version 7.1.0? Can this work on Ubuntu 18.04?
Can I keep version 6.9.0 or are there conflict issues?

Thank you,

You can compile yourself, or download the pre-built software from

You can have multiple versions of the pre-built software installed, because each version is installed into a separate directory in /opt. If you compile yourself it is possible, but you may need to check your configure settings to make sure each version has a unique name. I think it should be default.

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