Playing bass or guitar along a backtrack I can't hear the plugin associated

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Probably is a noob question. Maybe it was already solved but I haven’t found anything out there. Even if I use Ardour on Debian GNU/Linux from years and recorded almost everything I do (Death/Black Metal genre) with it, I never solved or found a solution to my problem. So, the question… When I play along an imported backing track (ie. a 2nd guitar or the drums recorded in wav or mp3) I cannot hear the plugin associated to my electric bass or my electric guitar (I mean the physical instrument with strings plugged via audio interface). That doesn’t happens when I record, or when I play the instrument without playing the backing track at the same time. I mean, to be more precise: when I record my electric bass/guitar, along a backing track, I can hear perfectly how my bass or guitar sounds with the plugin (Lv2 or VST) I choosed. Instead when I play along a backing track I cannot hear the plugin (ie. virtual amp, distorsion, compressor, etc.). I think is about monitoring/mixer or something like that, but even looking at preferences I cant find a solution and I don’t know what I have to modify. I won’t switch to another DAW and most of my friends have the same problem. I like to much Ardour. Can you help please?

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When the track is not recording, by default Ardour switches to “Disk” (Ds) monitoring during playback.

In your case it’s likely easiest to manually change the Monitoring to “In” on the track in question:


See also the recent post: Hear track as recording - #2 by x42

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SOLVED. Thank you very much Robin. Everything works fine now.


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