Play SFZ, Halion, Kontakt or Massive Sounds in Ardour?

Hello, is it anyway possible to load or import SFZ, Halion, Kontakt or Massive sounds in Ardour (over a plugin of course)?

If not, knows anyone a proper convertion tool?

Greetings, Stefan

Sfizz works well for SFZ in Ardour.

Can’t find a Screenshot to Sfizz…hmmm…

BTW: I found out, that Redux can open SFZ Files (and all can editet) and can save it as a Redux File with small size. (Wav are converted to Flac inside the File Container.
I use this way.

Go to , enter sfizz in the search area and hit enter
You’ll see a few tabs above the search result; click on the one that says Images (or the equivalence in your language).

You should also use the search function on this forum before posting questions.
Here’s an answer from March 2021 regarding sfz soundfonts, which mentioned sfizz

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Oh thanks, i tried it out. It works.
I tried it out. The current version works under Linux Mint 21 (ubuntu version) Home - SFZTools

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