Pitch correction

Hi all,

sorry, I am newbie here…
please, how can I change the intonation of a note a litle out of tune?

I run Ardour 4.7 in PCLinuxOS.


Hi @Aleph. What kind of instrument is in the recording? Is this a single note or the whole chord? If it comes to chord, I’m afraid you can’t do much in Ardour, but a single note could be tuned a bit with some help of rubberband or different pitch shifting plugin.

Hi ototto,

is a single note, a flute, the intonation is going down a bit when doing a diminuendo in a long note.

Ardour can change the pitch of a region, but it can’t deal with a note that is slowly drifting off pitch.
Try the free zita-at1 plugin which does pitch correction. If that doesn’t produce good enough results you might need something llike Melodyne: proprietary, not cheap, and Windows only, but allegedly can be run in Wine (and certainly runs nicely for me ina Windows XP VM)

Thanks anahata

What a pity… Well I will try zita-at1. But, sorry for my ignorance: How can I add/install this plugin to Ardour 4.7 in PCLinusOS.

The file is a *.tar.bz2


It isn’t a plugin.

Then how to use it?

It’s a Jack application, so you can patch it in as an insert.
See this thread: https://community.ardour.org/node/7173

There is the autotalent plugin, but I don’t know of its current status. I don’t think it will help here. You are really looking for Melodyne-like editing, which is the result of some extremely intensive and brilliant development in a proprietary context. A few other DAWs offer something similar, but certainly not all.

Ardour has a good tool for increase or decrease the volume drawing points, it would be fantastic to change the intonation with a similar tool…

Hey Aleph, personally I use the “Rubber Band Pitch Shifter” plugin by BreakfastQuay and automate the pitch change.
In the majority of cases it works well, but when it doesn’t, I’ll just load a Windows Auto-tune VST called Kerovee in Carla. Carla is a plugin which loads other plugins, including Windows VST’s, so if you have a preferred pitch correction plugin on Windows, you’ll almost certainly be able to use it through Carla.

@Aleph - yes, a simpler tool for pitch control would be good, but I’m not sure the gain automation model is quite the right approach. What I’d find useful is an extension of the current pitch change tool, which operates on a region, to correct the pitch to a standard (e.g. A=440 equal temperament or whatever), not just raise or lower it by x cents or semitones. Either that or a system where the amount of pitch change could be adjusted interactively while a range was being looped. Often it’s only one or two notes that really need the treatment and a tool like that would make it really easy.

@anahata - Well, an automate tool for move, for example, an down A down until arise 440hz could be interesting for a guitarist or people working in a tempered system. Classical music is not always tempered, (maybe should, but we know really is not…) and some times you should move up or down a note. Other times the intonation is falling at the end and you should move only just the end of the note (flutists and others wind players have this problem).
For me, a tool letting you draw the intonation is good enough. Anyway for me any integrated tool out of the box in Ardour would be welcome.

Do any of you have any idea how much work went into Melodyne? And I’m just talking about monophonic version, not even the polyphonic version …

If you can’t play acceptably in tune consider using commercial software. Or practice.

@paul - Yes, I think a lot… But I am asking for something more simple… if the developers consider that to develop this kind of tool is very very difficult I can understand it. I can live with a crossfade and: “play this one more time, please”… :slight_smile:

@projectMalamute - Very funny… Would you like to record for me…? :slight_smile:

Yes, I do understand how complex pitch correction is. (compared with gain automation in complexity, you could say it’s like the difference between asking a word processor to change the font size of a sentence and asking it to translate it to Russian…)
But Ardour’s existing pitch shifting tool is already useful, especially if you simply want to transpose something, say, from G to A flat.
Its other use, for correcting notes that are out of tune, would be greatly enhanced by some sort of adjust and repeat loop as I described above. I know there’s a tuner plugin that supposedly shows the pitch of an instrument or voice, but it only does it in real time and you can’t read the result quickly enough on a short note, unless I’ve missed some trick.
Perhaps I should write up a formal feature request…

Maybe we should bug the dev to open source Melodyne xD

That’s about as likely as an open source release of ProTools.

I’d settle for a Linux LV2 version, even if I had to pay for it.
It’s equally unlikely to happen, of course.