Pitch correction

i think tracktion has the melodyne algorithm included and the elastique audio thingie for time-stretch. it runs on linux. for 60$ i have not tried it though…

elastique isn’t relevant to this particular issue.

nobody has the melodyne algorithm, it is proprietary. some other DAW makers have figured out how to do the monophonic thing. i don’t think anyone else has been able to reimplement melodyne’s polyphonic stuff (i.e. move just one note in a chord).

ok sorry for being unclear…

it says on the homepage: melodyne essential (pitch) as an included feature. (so i guess this is the monophonic stuff then) of course they don’t possess the melodyne algorithm.

“It also comes bundled with a free copy of Melodyne essential”

They just include the plugin (which no doubt is not available for the Linux version of Traktion). Traktion has also implemented support for ARA, which is Melodyne’s API to allow their plugin to get access to audio data in a non-linear, non-realtime way. I discussed supporting this with Melodyne four years ago but ran into issues with their licensing for the API. After I explained the GPL to them, the last remark (in April 2012) was “I’ll get back to you as soon as I have news.”. I’ve never heard anything more.