Paid, can't download?

I paid a small contribution to the designated paypal account via the download page. There was no further link to follow, and though my account was created automatically, there seems to be no purchase linked to it and I’m still prompted to donate to download. Why isn’t there a simple ‘if you’ve paid, enter your code here for full version’ link?

I figured I’d get it ironed out one way or another, and I’d just check out the free version until it was, but then I found out that the free download has been cancelled for the rest of the month. So now I’ve paid, but I can’t even use the free version. According to this page that comes up, average donation is 7 bucks, I gave him 5; lower than average, sure, but it’s not like I flipped him a quarter for it.

Also, no FAQ? Would probably cut down on noob questions like this and I wouldn’t have to wait for a response to find out something so basic.



I’ve replied to Dan via private email that he sent me. But let me also note that Ardour’s download system isn’t based on copy protection or anything like that - that would be incompatible with the ethos under which the program has been developed. If you choose to pay nothing for an OS X version, then you simply get a differently built version of the program. And I also noted to Dan, anyone can get Ardour free of charge at any time if they are prepared to build it themselves. Finally, this actually isn’t a FAQ, or at least, it is at best FNAQ (Frequently Not Asked Question).

Turns out it had to do with using NoScript or my personal settings on Firefox. I’m attempting to download on Safari now, Paul got back to me very quickly and we figured out what the problem is, and he’s going to revamp the DL system so the few people like me that have these settings won’t hit this snag.

Still think a FAQ would be a good idea though ;-).

I too cannot download Ardour. I made a small donation and the download timed out three times. It tells me I’ve used up my allocation of downloads.

I am using Internet Explorer 8 on this machine.

I cannot find any link to email the author.


I suggest looking at the credits page…


@RocketNJ: I need the Invoice ID (not the transaction ID) from your PayPal confirmation email and then I can reset your download counter.

I have a similar problem; however, I don’t even get to the point where my download might time out. I paid $20.00 and when I try to download I simply keep getting cycled among the following pages:

  1. the "Getting Ardour (buy or subscribe) page, where I click “jump to download page” since I have already paid;
  2. the “Thanks for Buying Ardour” page, where I choose Ardour 2.x OS X Platform and am asked how much I wish to pay; I click continue;
  3. the “Download Ardour: Step 2 of 4” page (where, since I have already paid, I click:;
  4. the page where I enter my Invoice ID and click to retry download; and
  5. back to “Getting Ardour” page where the futility starts over again.

I am using Safari 6.0.4 (I also tried with firefox) and not using a download manager. Interestingly, I am able to download the Ardour 3.x OS X beta version. Can anyone help?

jdawg: how about you use the email address at the bottom of every page here, and in the download system?

Since that ends up in my inbox anyway… email me your Invoice ID and I’ll take a look (just as in the response right above your post).

Support via Forums … just say no.

im very sorry i am having a similar problem that i cant find the answer to, on here or google, i paid for the download (sorry it was only $5, i dont make very much of money) but when i go to the download redirect page and enter my invoice number and click the button it just sends me to: but doesnt start the download or have anywhere to click to start it. i’m on google chrome and tried to see if i have some download manager that is stopping it but i couldn’t find anything. again sorry i sound like such a “noob” or whatever, but i kinda am :frowning:

As in my response above … and my response above that … email me your invoice ID and I’ll take a look.

New user here. I tried the paid download three times. Each time the download stops before the 110MB. (First time 32MB, second time 62MB, third time 23MB). Using Firefox on Ubuntu Studio, and no resume option. This is not the fastest service in the world, but it is not slow either. Not sure what to try, other than an email to Paul.

There is no reason to do ANYTHING other than email me. And yes, it is almost certainly your connection, given that thousands of others manage to complete a download withour any apparent problems. Every other time someone has had this sort of issue, when they try it from a different connection it works normally. As now stated several times above, email me your invoice ID, and I can reset your download counter.

I just had a similar problem, and if it was because of my security settings I’d like to know. But it may just be the way the webpage is set up.
The link at the top of the page said “if you’ve already paid click here” so I first made a donation using the sidebar, before clicking that link. But on the download page, it suggested I make a payment. Since I had already made a donation, I entered zero. It suggested I donate at least a dollar. When I ignored that, it sent me a download link via email. But it was for a different version. So I went back and paid the minimum $1 to download the version I wanted. A dollar won’t break the bank, but it’s a bit annoying that there was no way to tell the system that I had already made a donation.
No problems with the actual download, though.

Mango Land that definatly sound slike a connection issue, i have the same issue on other sites (though strangly not here) and its down to my tmobile connection. My best guess is its t-mobiles sneaky tactics to discourage downloads on mobile connections. It seems to me that on t mobile UK they reset my connection every 20 minutes or so. many times have i seen myself trying to download a large file like last time it was 1.9gb, stopped at 1.3gb, then 1.4gb, then 1.6gb. If the site doesnt support resume, it craps out.

If your on a normal connection (home broadband) id be phoning up your provider.

@Viverra short version is the recommended practice is to email Paul. Paypal seems to be getting more and more troublesome and I believe he is currently trying to implement a different payment processor on the site because of it (But am not certain on this so don’t quote me on it).


@Viverra: as the FAQ on the download states:

I gave a donation to Ardour but I'm still asked to pay
The donation system is entirely separate from the download system, and exists for a couple of reasons:

    * our Linux users generally get Ardour without payment via their distributions' repositories.</br>
    * some people just feel like being generous</br>

Either way, it allows people to make a simple one-time payment. It is not part of the download system, and any payment you make via the donation system does not apply to the download system. Remember that you may choose to pay as little as US$1 for a download. 

Ardour is superb. i think the system and process on the web page is very clearly stated, but it can stump people when they are asked to pay $1. maybe just putting the text (“even if you are a subscriber”) on that page… Paul and Ardour are great resources in the global audio community.

I have also had problems downloading after contribution. It wasn’t clear that there was an additional payment for the download. However, reading stuff on this Forum has helped explained the process to me a whole lot better than the website does

I agree with mistereva: Ardour is superb. i think the system and process on the web page is very clearly stated, but it can stump people when they are asked to pay $1. maybe just putting the text (“even if you are a subscriber”) on that page… Paul and Ardour are great resources in the global audio community.

it can stump people when they are asked to pay $1. maybe just putting the text ("even if you are a subscriber") on that page

Please be clear with your terminology.
If you are a subscriber (that means regular monthly payments) you don’t have to pay again for a download.
If you only made a one-off donation (that means a one-off payment as a donation) you still have to pay at least $1 for a download.

I don’t know about what"stump"meant to the original author, but I believe he meant “stump” as in making you “pause or confused”. Paying a little extra for the download wasn’t very clear…after all a subscriber (could also mean a ONE TIME payment ). It takes a bit more in-depth browsing to understand the subscription method used here. I found it out here, on this thread. Good job guys!
Since then I have paid for the download, and have been able to download…Yipee!!! I am beginning to explore Ardour. We are all here to help, I presume. I think Paul has something worthy of support here, … it is still growing…and the sky is the limit. Hope this helps any other members facing same or similar problems. Cheers!!!