Paid, can't download?

(Paul Davis) #21

The most likely scenario - it happens quite frequently - is that you were not logged into when you made the payment, which means that we have no idea who you are (or were).

You would normally be able to use the Invoice ID from your PayPal confirmation email to upgrade, but since you don’t have that, you will need to send me ( the email address you used with PayPal and also your accout name, and I will manually associate the payment with your account.

(Cebrito01) #22

In order to download Ardour 5, I followed the instructions and created an account, made a payment of $60.00, for the option to the future upgrades, using Paypal as a guest. Downloaded and installed the software with no problem. Now that I’m invited to upgrade to Ardour 5.5. I,m being asked to make a payment. Checking my account, there is no payment record. However Paypal charged my credit card $60.00 for Ardour on 11/28/2016. One problem I have is that the confirmation e-mail from Paypal is missing from my computer, but Windows Explorer registers the Paypal activity on 11/26/2016. Can you plase help me resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

(Joe) #23

I can’t download anything at all…
I went to the download page, selected the “ready-to-run” link clicked on the Windows operating system and haven’t been able to get anywhere past that.
I was never asked for a version, whether or not I wanted to donate or anything else.
Any ideas?

(Joe) #24

Please disregard,
it started working after a reboot of the browser.

(Susannebillig) #25

Hello, Paypal gives me no information whatsoever about an Invoice ID, not via mail, not online – what can I do? My copy of Ardour 5 silences, stops, keeps asking me… Best regards, Susanne

(Paul Davis) #26

Susanne, please contact me via