No Way (Electronic/Progressive-ish?)

This one started as a more electronic composition, but slowly “evolved” to something a bit different. But I hope some might like it.

Here is the MP3 and you can read more about it in its blog entry.

But basically, it was sequenced, recorded, and mixed in Ardour, the synths are Diva and Yoshimi, drums are DrumGizmo (using CrocellKit), and the guitar was the HX Stomp for cleans and tamgamp for solo parts. The plugins used were mostly LSP, x42, OvertoneDSP, and u-he.

I hope you enjoy!


Criminal to not get a reply on this here… Jeez people, wake up and listen up! This is a really impressive piece of work!

The Ardour forum… where songs go to die… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes, this is deeply impressive. It’s not quite a style of music that I’d listen to much, but technically it’s phenomenal. Congratulations!


We’re all too busy hoping our own stuff will sound this good to notice how good this sounds…


Thanks, Glen, for the kind words and the plug! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it!


Thank you very much, Paul! I cannot thank you (and the rest of the developers) enough for your contributions. This would not be possible without Ardour.

For some context, I had no bands for the longest time (I swear someone put a curse on me!) and missed it greatly. Then, I found Michal Oswald’s videos Audio Production with Muse and Ardour. After watching those I thought: “Hey, I could do that with my own songs!”.

Recording my own music on my own made a huge difference for me. It allowed me to still play and write, and it felt great! This would not have happened if I hadn’t found Ardour. It really had an immensely positive impact on my life.

So, again, thanks for all your work!

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Wow ! yes indeed quite a professional grade production ! That sounds terrific ! And the song itself is great !
Thanks for the blog entry, it’s nice to read how you achieved this result, what tools were used.
I’m impressed (and jealous :laughing: ) by the sound you managed to get out of the CrocelKit !
Well done, you can be proud !
I’m off to listen to your other pieces, the Chick Corea cover caught my eye :wink:

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Thanks for listening and for the kind words! I still struggle quite a bit with mixing, but I think it is slowly getting better. I have just listened to some of my older recordings and fell very disappointed about how they sound… I guess I just need to keep practicing and at some point remix my older ones.

I hope you like it! It was fun making that one. A lot of credit goes to the person who made the original MIDI. I changed it a lot, but I don’t think I could have done it all myself!

Again, thanks for listening!

Nice work - I’ve been enjoying listening through your blog. Thanks for taking the time to write down your process.

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Thanks for listening! As I said, some of the older recordings are not that well mixed and produced… But I hope you can still enjoy them. Suggestions on how to improve them are welcome!

For me the write ups are almost like a journal. I really did not expect almost any one to read them. :smile: But it helps me remember how the songs were recorded and mixed.

Again, thanks for listening!

Hey, this is absolutely amazing. Brilliant flow of tension and release! Wonderful production.
I enjoyed it very much! Will check the blog, too.
Thanks and keep going!

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Really great sound !!! wow

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Really nice work! I’m enjoying the music. I also appreciate the blog entry detailing how you put it together. Those little detail help people like me continue to learn how to use these tools.

Thanks for sharing.

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