No GUI for Guitarix LV2 plugins in Ardour 5.11.0

After installing ardour 5.11.0 I don’t get the gui with guitarix LV2 plugins. I can use generic controls. Any idea what could be wrong? It did work in Ardour 5.5.

Thanks Brummer/Hermann for your explanation.

You are right that it is easier if everybody would use only the software provided from the distribution… but sometimes there are some new features you ready crave for and you don’t want to wait 6 months.

In the meantime I solved the problem. I de-installed and reinstalled guitarix inside Ubuntu studio. And it works fine again.


Where did you get the Guitarix plugins? Where did you get Ardour?

I also have this problem. Ardour and the Guitarix LV2 plugins are installed from the KXStudio repos following the instructions here:

My self-compiled 5.11 on Ubuntu 14.04 shows the correct lv2 GUI for the guitarix-0.35.2 Gx plugins.

Do other LV2 plugins show the proper GUI or are you only seeing the generic ones there as well?
Maybe KX forgot to compile Ardour with the proper lv2 ui libs (suil probably)?

Note that only the Gx plugins are LV2 GUI ones.
There are plugins like “Guitarix Amp” and “Guitarix Stereo Flanger” that are old LADSPA plugins with generic UIs


KX doesn’t compile Ardour, they are stripped Ardour bundles wrapped in a Deb package.

Does this explain it?

Bumping this as there are still problems with the 5.12 64-bit build via

Starting with a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 17.04 (Ardour 5.5.0 ; guitarix 0.35.2-2 ; glibmm 2.50.0-1) the LV2 GUIs are working.

After completely removing the distro version of Ardour and installing from the following error appears:
[ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI

Note that this time, I’m not running with the KX-Studio repos.
Any further suggestions on fixing this are welcome, but you might need to explain like i’m 5!

glibmm 2.50.0-1
This is the same problem as the one outlined in the bug report above. The distro version of ardour will be build against this version of glibmm but the official ardour binaries use an older version. If this is coming to ubuntu in the future then it looks like the ardour team are going to have to address this problem at some point.

ok - thanks. perhaps a workaround is to emulate the platform that the official binaries were compiled under? or maybe i’m just asking for more trouble?

We won’t address this issue (actually we cannot). Plugins are supposed to be self-contained. There are only a handful which still rely on system-wide libs, unfortunately guitarix is one of them.

see for an explanation.

So we have to complain at the guitarix team for a solution, if I understand correctly?

The argument seems hardly clear cut to me…

LV2 supports the use of GTK/GTKMM GUI’s in the LV2 plugin from the beginning on, and still does. And, as some of you already mention, when you use Ardour and guitarix from your distribution, there is no issue.
I’m a linux guy, support open source, support Linux distributions of different colours. So my work on guitarix is meant to be used in/from distributions. I know, that will often be a bit more work then just pushing out binary’s, but it is worse the hazel (for me).
So, clear is, the culprit here comes from the provided ardour binary’s, as those comes with there own environment to run in, bypass the distribution you use.
The argument that plugins have to been self-contained is a bit over the top, as not a single plug I’m aware of, is “really” self-contained. They all use the one or the other system library.
There is just a split in the “good” and the “bad” made here by X42.
This said, there are no plans to rewrite the guitarix plugs with a other GUI toolkit.
We could now pushing the joker from on project to the other, like ping pong, but that wont help us here.

So, there are solutions beside that guitarix needs to be rewritten or ardour didn’t provide binary’s any more.

On the guitarix side we provide now binary’s as well, which is, by the way usually out of scope for me), which were build against a similar library set then ardour, those will run on most distributions (they wont work on arch linux).

hermann (guitarix maintainer)

This is an unfortunate issue as it will certainly affect many people who depend on this plugin, myself included. I am not having problems presently, but if this dilemma persists, how does one build it from source to be “compatible” with future releases of Ardour/Mixbus?

There are a new solution for this issue. It’s Carla by falkTX.

      It allow now the export of jack-applications as LV2 plugs, so even guitarix main app could be used as plugin in Ardour and Mixbus.
      Even LV2 plugins could be exported as LV2 plugs.
      This way also the guitarix LV2 plugins could be used with there UI’s. The UI will be “Sandboxed” by Carla in a way you wont notice it.

Thanks for the cogent explanation. I am one of the unfortunates on Arch. It took a fair amount of time and effort as I am primarily a musician and only secondarily a Linux guy. Is there anything I can do other than change distributions? My goal in using Arch was configurability and putting together a system light on unnecessary resources. Any suggestions?

We currently do a rewrite of the plugin interfaces to X11/cairo. A couple of them been already done, like the GxAmplifier’s

That’s how it looks now.
When you are on Arch, you could use the guitarix-git package and you’ll have them.

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