No GUI for Guitarix LV2 plugins in Ardour 5.11.0

Ups, sorry, it’s a hex bolt.

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Thanks Brummer. Here’s where I show my musician-first-linux-guy-second ignorance in two ways!

  1. I’m assuming from your answer that I need to install cairo. Just cairo or are there support pieces I need to install. I did a package search on Arch and found many cairo-related packages.
  2. I searched for a guitarix-git package and could not find it. So I assume you must mean something that I simply don’t know.


I mean the one from AUR:
for cairo, this one should do it:

but note, cairo is used anyway in guitarix for drawing, just with gtk underlying, now, for the new LV2 interfaces it’s cairo with X11 underlying. That’s said, when you’ve guitarix running on ARCH, you properly have cairo and X11 anyway installed.
But, I’m not a arch user, so I only guess that’s the one, I can’t promise.
You’ll find out when the pkgbuild fail on configure.

Oh, right. In my haste, I forgot AUR is a separate search. Should’ve checked before bothering you. Sigh.

I will check to see if cairo is already installed. Probably is, as many of the guitarix plugins I use have their GUIs. Thanks again.

UPDATE: cairo was already installed. I got guitarix-git from the AUR, built and installed it and can instantiate the plug-ins with their GUI. THANK YOU!

You are welcome.
As it is a work in progress, you may want to update the build from time to time, as a couple of plugs haven’t been ported yet, but will properly follow.