No Align Lit (and Fixing It)

My search skills are probably failing me, but I cannot find what causes and how to fix the problem when “No Align” is blinking. Could anyone point me in the right direction? (My session right now only contains MIDI files.)

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Are you using JACK? If so do you have another application that would be getting input from the JACK outputs? For me this issue has popped up using Simple Screen Recorder with JACK with Ardour running and SSR getting input from the JACK outputs…

Thanks for the reply, Glen!

No, I’m using ALSA and nothing external… I do have a couple of Windows virtual instruments running with yabridge, if that makes a difference. I will soon print the tracks to audio, though.

Is the “No Align” warning about a problem with latency compensation?

Yes, specifically it means that if you record overdubs they won’t align.

Have a look at Window > Log. There should be a message which connection causes the ambiguity.

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