new song - Get On Board The Blues

(Suseguitar) #41

thanks a a lot fernesto, yes, most likely you are right, sometimes less is more, and I must say, I’m a lousy mixer, especially when listening to mixes like GMaq’s incredible sounding B3 mix I do feel my limits. I just love to play my Guitar when the music turns me on and this music did it in an extraordinary way!
I feel this is a place for me to learn something, and of course it’s a marvellous thing having the possibility to work on a session together despite spread around the world, compared to my beginnings with tape recorders that’s like true coming science fiction lol

(Dlphillips) #42

@suse_g: I finally got to listen to the mix on SoundCloud. Excellent playing, I’d love to hear a full-length break at the end, that’s how we’re doing it in the band now. I also think drums would pump up the guitar part too, might make a good complement to it. I’d add some reverb back into the vocal, it’s a bit dry, and I actually believe the guitar part could come up a bit in the mix. (When’s the last time you heard someone say “The guitar’s not loud enough!” ? :).

Nice work, I hope to hear more of your playing soon and thanks for working on my tune.

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

(Bob Smith) #43

Still a great tune, love the blues nice rounded bass and nice hi end,
Cheers bob