new song - Get On Board The Blues

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Wow, I’m tempted to throw my hat in the remix ring as well, but unfortunately time is not available right now. I’d love to collaborate with you on a blues(y) tune sometime in the future though if you would have any interest in such a thing. Cover or original I think it might be interesting to see what our combined efforts could produce. Just puttin’ that out there FWIW. In the meantime keep ‘em comin’!

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Where is the session? I’d like to have a go.

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Hi Ricardus,

Here’s the session tarball, it’s about ~350 MB :

Have fun, and please let me know if you complete a version, I’d love to hear it.



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Thanks much, G, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve made the session available to anyone who wants to have a go at remixing it, four fellows from the LAU list are already taking swings at it. I’m eager to hear what they’ll do to it.

Best always,


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Great tune with an amazing vocal! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would be a great tune to see ‘busked’ live I’m sure especially on a big ‘ole 12 string acoustic. The only thing I noticed is the ride cymbal is a little bit ‘phasey’ sounding on the .mp3. Whether that is from the encoder or in the original track obviously only you can tell but that is a minor detail, thanks for sharing and keepin’ the blues presence within the Ardour community.

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Regarding a lead solo: Last night my band worked out the song, and my guitarist asked if I wanted a lead anywhere. He’s such a fine player, so we decided the best place for one is after the second verse, before the outro vocals. Then those vocals come and carry the tune to the closing. It seems the best balanced arrangement for a solo part. My guys echoed G’s comment that the song is compact as-is and needs very little else to put it across. But it also needs a little more time, and the lead placement we chose does the trick.

@suse_g : My apologies, I haven’t had time to listen to your version, will do so later this morning.



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thanks very much for listening and your valuable comments, which motivated me to take my guitar another time in order to provide a single track, which can be imported into the session and edited of course, so if anybody would like to use my guitartrack within his mix, feel free, I would be pleased to listen to the results :slight_smile:
two versions, one with the pure guitar signal and another one only with amp sim can be found here:
@ Dave: nothing to apologize, thanks very much for your attention
@ GMaq: My intention with the reverb was, to keep significantly behind Dave’s voive which of course is the central element within the song, but maybe I did a bit too much (wouldn’t be the first time… lol)

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just to make it complete:
for those who don’t want to spend time on mixing but would like to check out…

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Gonna try! xD immersive song i really like it, can’t wait to finish downloading it

xD Thanks for sharing!

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This is my attempt to mix a blues song

Leave a comment if you like it xD

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Outstanding work ! I suggest you bring the vocal forward a little bit more, I think the mix would be nearly perfect then. Fine work though, I’ll add it to the remix collection. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Dave Phillips

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Hey G, thanks for the remixes ! I prefer the second, especially for the B3, it’s perfect for the song. I’d put the guitar back a bit and give it some reverb, not much. I’d also punch up the vocal, it sounded more forward in the first mix. The drums are fine but I’d ask for more straightforward backbeat, keeping the swing though.

Man, that B3 is the sweet spot. I’m a sucker for that sound.

Thanks again, G. We’ll get together soon on the Lemon song, I like your arrangement. I have definite ideas about the vocal. :slight_smile:



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Hi Dave,

Thanks for listening and commenting, this song has been haunting me all week, it’s a real gem! hats off to you!

With my ‘morning ears’ on I’d have to agree with you. the vocals were better in the previous mix and the organ is a bit loud in this one, (probably hey-new-instrument-in-the-mix syndrome) I also love the B3 sound although as I said my liking of it far exceeds my ability to play it. I really just wanted it in this song as a textural thing since the vocal and guitar are already doing the ‘call and response’ thing. I think pulling the organ down and boosting the vocal to where it was originally will fix the guitar in the mix. I’ll respectfully agree to disagree on the drums, I think that big Texas backbeat is what will get the ladies up dancin’…lol

I’ll amend the mix and put up a fresh one with the changes soon.

Looking VERY forward to what you come up with on the other Blind Lemon song, man recording is fun!!

**Updated B3 Mix here:

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I had a hankering to try a B3 organ on this as well (although keyboards are certainly not my forte) and in the meantime I also made some other minor adjustments to the mix. I think I can leave it alone now…maybe

New updated mix here:

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Well this song is so great I just couldn’t stay away so tonight I enlisted my friend and bass playing bandmate Pete and we ‘got onboard’ and did a remix of Dave’s amazing tune with a few additional instruments…Dave’s guitars and vocals are left as is, Pete did a bass track to complement my new drum track and I threw on some lead guitar and tambourine. Hope you like it Dave, thanks for putting your session up for us to monkey around with. :slight_smile:

Have a listen here:

Comments, questions and critiques welcomed!

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hi Dave,
when occasionally stepping into this thread and listening to your original product I was just amazed, great stuff, amazing voice :slight_smile:
I couldn’t manage to keep my fingers off: original unchanged, just playing on instinct some crunchy colourblobs with my strat, quite unpolished in only one take…
If I did everything right, the outcome an be found here:

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I like the playing very much. Couple of observations: I don’t think that the strat should kick in so early; the overall mix is weaker than some of the others we’ve heard here; the strat fills are awesome; it would be interesting to arrange things so that you could actually get a solo verse.

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I was gonna edit the tune to allow solo, and have my friend Jeremy blow on it. He’s one of the best guitarists I have ever seen, bar none. He’s just so super busy working on his new record, he might never get to it. Plus, I don’t think I wanna put that kinda time into something I ain’t gettin paid for! :slight_smile:

I agree with your points about the Strat parts and the mix.

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@paul and Ricardus

I considered editing in a solo break as well but really Dave leaves plenty of room on the lead ins between verses, I had a gut feeling that a real full solo break would kind of detract from the great concise structure of the tune as-is and risk making it a garden variety blooze wankerama. That great vocal deserves the spotlight in this particular tune IMO.


Nice licks! Nice tone on that strat as well, I sure didn’t have to wonder if it was really a strat or not…I will say I’m not a fan of the reverb on it though, it sounds like Dave is singing on the stage and you’re out playing in the alley behind the bar, the long tail on the reverb is also giving the illusion that some of your licks are a little delayed with the actual downbeats in the song even though they aren’t. It sounds like you have a gate or something on the rest of the mix which also makes the sonic difference between the lead guitar and the rest of the mix a bit too apparent to my ears anyway.

Don’t get me wrong though your playing sounds great! Just an opinion on the other points I mentioned.

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Sounds great man!

I agree that at some points the guitar is adding more that it should to the song, i actually thought about including a guitar when i was mixing it just didn’t took the time to do it probably just wanted to mix it fast to see how good could i do to the song and probably a little concerned my playing would not the the right type of playing to the song and as i listen to your guitar i know i was right on that last one! hehe your guitar track is very nice man… can’t talk about how did you implemented it, my ear is not that trained just sense sometimes is too much guitar and some times it is a little apart from the rest of the band, that would be a reverb issue i guess.

Actually i’d like to see more “public sessions” to see what can Ardour’s forum musicians create together… that would be very nice, a lot of us are greatly distanced from each other, contries, cultures and music influences all different, Ardour in common.