new song - Get On Board The Blues


A very unpolished production, but here ya go :

For the unClouded :



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Hi Bob,

The session is there for grabbing, feel free to take it and run. :slight_smile: Just let me know if you complete a mix, I’m having fun listening to various versions of my song (and learning some things in the process).

And thank you for your comments, I’m glad you like the tune.



Hey McGruff,

Great work on the remix, thanks for lending your talents to the production. I do often use the bus approach but in this instance I was hot to get the song recorded and didn’t spend any time on the mix details.

Btw, in case anyone’s interested, the vocal was a first take, with no autotune or other pitch correction.



good work, now following on sound cloud

Hi Dave
Now that really good love the vocals
you have that blues feel
would love to drop in some blues lead guitar!!

Nice one

That’s absolutely drowned in reverb but there’s a good song in there:

Note you can use sends and an AUX bus to set up a single “room” reverb for all tracks (like I did here). I’ll also wrap up guitar parts in a “guitar” bus, percussion voices in a “percussion” bus, and so on. Anything where you want to apply a common effect or where you want to adjust volume in unison.

Another trick for reverb is to leave the bandwidth at max and instead use EQ plugs where you have much better control. I high passed and low passed the signal quite hard before the (C plate) reverb. Low end in a reverb usually just creates a lot of mud and too much high-end in a digital reverb can sound pretty nasty. Incidentally, if you do like a lot of reverb, this allows you to turn it up higher before you start to hit problems.

Sorry I didn’t realise who you were - you don’t need anyone to tell you about buses :slight_smile:

Nice song, well sung. Is that an original?

I’m tempted to try another version with some extra parts, if I get the time.

Here is my mix:

Actually, it sounds like I am missing something in there. Wasn’t there sidestick on the snare or something?

What’s this? No mix critiques?

Hi Ricardus,

Don’t worry, I plan to comment on every one of them. I’m waiting for two more mixes before making my comparisons. Meanwhile I’ve posted the remixes on KVRaudio, in the Music Cafe, but so far only a few comments have arrived.



I was surprised that I didn’t see anything come across LAU. There’s usually tons of people who critique things.

At the end of the day, the critiques aren’t necessary for me, I was just surprised that no one did. My mix is exactly the way I want it, except for the fake drums, and no guitar solo. :wink:

Great song, Dave. Here’s my attempt at a mix:

Hope you like it.

@Ricardus: Very nice - my favourite mix so far.

Everybody’s using way too much reverb. I think the primary aim must be to try to make the individual voices sound solid and well-defined (easy in this particular case because it was tracked well). Too much reverb works against that by blurring everything up together, like trying to look at an old master through dirty, out-of-focus spectacles.

The rule of thumb for film background music is that if you’re conscious of it you’ve done too much. It should just plug straight into the brain without the audience being aware of it - felt not heard. You don’t want to distract the audience from the story playing out on screen, just imperceptibly guide their emotional response to it.

Same kind of thing for reverb. If you’re aware of it, it’s too much. As the producer, you’re obviously going to be aware of every little detail in the mix so you have to try to listen in a more unfocussed way, like an “ordinary” listener would.

Of course all rules are made to be broken…

Hey McG,

Yes, it’s an original. Feel free to add whatever. :slight_smile:



@Ricardus: Very nice - my favourite mix so far.

Thanks Mike, your PEQ and VC2 are all over it.

Is this A2 or A3?

Ardour3, latest version.

So when I opened the session it complained about a missing crash cymbal WAV file or something. I just ignored it.

Oh man! I put an hour in and have a real happenin mix going! I will have to wait to export it though.