Need advise on midi files with "recorder:" prefix - how do I find and rename them

Hello All,

On my windows Ardour, the midi files were stored with a “recorder:” prefix. I can’t copy the files to another machine, or even do a “save as” on the same machine without the files being lost and not openable in the new session with the “save as” version.

Is there a way to fix this manually somewhere in the project?

This is a little maddening as Ardour seems to be able to find these midi files, but windows cannot.

The place where the files should be stored has a single zero length “recorder” file:

Directory of c:\temp\ardour\myproject\interchange\myproject\midifiles

04/08/2021 04:18 PM .
04/08/2021 04:18 PM …
05/13/2021 01:46 PM 0 recorder
1 File(s) 0 bytes
2 Dir(s) 281,927,933,952 bytes free

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Thanks Robin,

I tried using notepad to change the filenames - that part worked. But “recorder:” is in a few places in the .ardour xml file like in some of the processor fields. There were also references to some .mid files that were not in the filesystem - so notepad did not see them.

I think I’m just going to copy over what I can, and start over.


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