My changes to preferences > editor > modifiers are not applied? Plus another problem

I am a newbie and don’t know whether this is a bug or not, basically I want to insert a note by clicking the button 1 (left click) and delete a note by clicking button 3 (right click) so I set under “While clicking”:
Delete using: unmodified button 3
Insert note: unmodified button 1
If I then close and reopen ardour after saving the project the right click on a note still opens the context menu. Is this a bug or am I missing something in order to get this behaviour?

Another problem I have is that if I click and drag on a note or a group of notes I selected, I can move it/them only vertically and not horizontally, is there a setting I should set in order to be able to do it?

Thanks in advance for your help

So I would bet rebinding these won’t work for a number of technical reasons, and probably shouldn’t be even allowed if it is in the rebind dialog, it would mean you would lose interaction throughout most objects in Ardour if it actually allowed it. A modifier and click I could see, but not the basic click by itself. So I would see if, for instance, SHIFT click will do what you want instead of trying to rebind the unmodified click.

Any chance you have set your timeline to LOCK mode?

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For the second “problem”, thank you man that was it. I now read the manual and hopefully won’t stumble on such small problems again.

As per the first thing, so it is impossible to achieve the behaviour I want to edit MIDI? I compose my music mostly by inserting note by note with the mouse so inserting and deleting notes are the two thing I do the most, always pressing shift to remove notes makes it difficult.

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