Manual MIDI editing "minor" but very useful feature - opinions?

So I’m here again after My changes to preferences > editor > modifiers are not applied? Plus another problem

I think that enabling the customization of how to insert/delete notes and other stuff could really majorly improve the manual MIDI editing flow.

I read many times in this forum that having a separate Piano Roll window would be highly appreciated but I am neutral about it. The only major (minor) thing that would hugely benefit the MIDI editing is the ability to customize shortcuts and especially being able to insert a note with left click and delete with right click, both unmodified.

If you think about it, when MIDI editing, do you find yourself needing more to delete a note or to open a context menu for it? For me the answer is obviously the former, because it is simpler, more immediate and also because it basically would allow to compose one handed, giving a boost to accessibility too. I am obviously biased towards this settings but I think the right thing to do would be to allow to customize this settings.

What do you guys think?

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Customize the shortcuts … like this?

I didn’t know about that menu so thank you.
But I can’t find the setting for “draw note” and “delete note”, as I look at it right now I see it’s only keyboard shortcuts. Can you point me to where can I find the settings I’m talking about?

Anyway thank you Paul, it’s really crazy and awesome what you guys do and also the patience with which you guys respond to us here in the forum.

You’re welcome!

Sadly, mouse bindings (across Ardour) are not customizable (the modifiers that are used with them can be changed, but the actual bindings are not).

That’s sad to hear for me, do you think you will consider making them customizable in the future?

It would be a substantial piece of engineering redesign. A quick hack to make it do what you want, but customizable mouse button bindings is much, much more complex.

I see, I still really think it would be a great switch, I really hope some more people would reply here to say their opinions on it.
Anyway is there something I can do about about, maybe with a Lua script?

I would go for middle click to delete instead of right click, as I do in other apps (e.g. firefox tabs). Other than that, I agree with you, adding / removing notes quickly with a single mouse operation would be great and ease the workflow a lot, for me.

It’s not customization, but the current development branch now allows middle-click to delete notes in draw and edit modes. Note that for years, the standard Ardour “delete” modifier (Shift) with button1 (left) click would also do that, and continues to do so.

I still feel that left-click to insert and right-click to delete a note would feel more natural but that’s good news anyway, thanks a lot!

EDIT: Of course I am talking about me but would be cool if you guys could hold community polls to vote on this “little” stuff (reserving for yourself the power to decide what to vote on and maybe veto decisions).

Anyway since we’re talking about right-click delete, I picture the possibility to right-click-and-hold to erase all notes that I encounter in this “eraser mode” sort of like the eraser in drawing programs. This again would speed up MIDI writing and editing which I believe is a key matter when composing directly in MIDI.

  1. right click is universally used within ardour to access a context menu. That is not going to change - too much potential for confusion.

  2. i’ve seen the polls that tantacrul does for musescore and audacity. i don’t believe that the number of responses justifies doing the polls. we have numerous ways of communicating with users, and over the last 20+ years have found discussions (like this one) more useful than polls.

  3. eraser mode is a cool idea, although i’ve never seen this in another DAW

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  1. I see, guess I’ll have to adapt, middle click still is an improvement.

  2. Thanks again for the amazing work you guys do and also for interacting so much with us.

  3. Regarding this, FL Studio has it and I really think it’s a good idea to speed up editing:

    source: Piano roll

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