MXtune Plugin not working - solved

After a long time there seems to be the first useful pitch correction tool for linux : MXtune. Unfortunately this lv2 plugin is not recognized by ardour (like some others). In Carla within ardour, Ardour crashes immediately when called. It works under CarlaStandalone and ReaperLinux without problems. Carla doesn’t seem to be doing well like Carla in Reaper does. What can I do to implement this useful plugin in Ardour? Ardour is missing a useful pitch correction tool to date.

The newest code for mxtune works fine in Ardour. I gave the author some hints last week on how to fix the plugin (which was exposing too many symbol names). I do not know if there has been a new release based on the new code thus far.

Thank you for your quick response Paul. I downloaded and put the plugin in different directories and scanned a few times but Ardour did not find the plugin (Yesterday). What is the correct directory that it can be found?
It would be great if there was a solution - then Ardour would finally be complete for me.

LV2 plugins are generally placed in ~/.lv2

Do you mean: home/.lv2? No detection.

Yes place the plugin bundle in $HOME/.lv2/ – see also Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Then restart Ardour to pick up the plugin (LV2s are unconditionally scanned at application start).

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Hello Robin,
thank you for your help!
A .lv2 folder was not available in my home directory. I created it and put there. Ardour still did not find this plugin after the start and also during a subsequent scan. What did I do wrong? Jürgen

Is this the plugin you mean?
liuanlin-mx web page

The top of that page says “vst 64bit only” which means it is not LV2 at all, it is VST.
The instructions provided were specifically for a LV2 plugin, VST is handled differently.

See the section on plugin directories on this page in the Ardour manual:
Ardour manual appendix: files and directories Ardour uses
This is the relevant text:
" They are typically installed in /usr/lib/lxvst, /usr/local/lib/lxvst or a directory mentioned in your LXVST_PATH environment variable. However, this is not a standard and the VST plugin developer may install the plugin just about anywhere. Therefore Ardour allows the user to set extra VST paths in the preferences GUI under Plugins>VST."

I think VST plugins are not scanned every time at runtime, so you should use the menu selection to re-scan for VST after you install a new VST plugin.

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Hallo Chris,

right, I meant liuanlin-mx web page. It’s about the lv2-plugin, not the VST version.
mxTune builds on top of linux autotalent so I think we should use the lv2 version to make it work. Thus Ardor should find the lv2 plugin which it doesn’t. The vst directory is irrelevant here.

There is no LV2 version of mxtune.


What about Paul, which I downloaded yesterday? works with Carla-standalone and ReaperLinux well. Crashes under Carla/Ardour.

It’s probably (almost certainly) the VST plugin. LV2 plugins come as a 'package" with a toplevel directory whose name ends in “.lv2”. What made you think this was an LV2 plugin?

Right … with Carla as Plugin.

So? Both Reaper and Carla support VST plugins …

Right. Reaper with Carla Plugin and CarlaStandalone. Both can handle

So, something made you think this was an LV2 plugin, but it’s not. It’s a VST plugin.

Carla can do - Reaper and CarlaPlugin can do the same. (VstBridges/wine should be installed)

You seem really confused. This is a Linux VST plugin. No need for VST bridges/Wine etc.

I can send you a screenshot of this working plugin if you want.

There’s no need for that. You’re confused. This is a Linux VST plugin. It can work in Ardour, at least once you have a version where the developer has corrected the symbol visibility issue (or have a compatible build of both the plugin & Ardour).

But you have not installed it correctly as a Linux VST plugin, because you seem to think it is an LV2 plugin.

I have mxtune running locally, there are no mysteries here.