More Progess With MIDI

Dave Robillard continues his work on Ardour's MIDI recording, playback and editing capabilities as part of the Google Summer of Code program. Since the last screenshot (below), Dave has added color coding of velocity values, percussion tracks, two modes for delivering MIDI CC data (discrete+interpolated), and some basic editing operations such as quantize, note selection and pencil-based note creation & deletion.

screenshot of Ardour MIDI support

sweet sweet midi love.

sweet baby beavis this just gets better and better! i’m practically drooling here.

now i just need to set up my macbook so i can compile this monster and i’m off!

thanks for the hard work!

Sadly there is no Note-Editor, just pianoroll.

I’ve been waiting for Midi to make it’s appearance in Ardour. This is really, really great - great work!


Rome wasn’t built in a day; or a few months for that matter :wink:

That looks PHENOMENAL!

Piano-roll is the common ground that is useful to everyone, even if it’s not their first choice. This looks like a really well thought out implementation of the piano roll idea. Reminds me of Tracktion.

I take it the synths are hosted in Ardour as well, or are they wired in via Jack?

Pictures like this are the reason I’m a subscriber. That’s just awesome.

oh my my my
I’ve just been licking my chops out here in Jerusalem for the past month, looking at these shots. My kit is in Toronto, though, waiting patiently for me to return and start messing with it again :wink: I’m really looking forward to trying this midi stuff out. Great work drobilla and to the rest of the team. ~bennyp

Awesome. Really.

Though, I think the velocity color coding could be pretty confusing. I’d rather see just one color, fading to grey/white for lower velocities.

Or am I alone on this one?

pdongen: that was my original colour scheme, but the (meter-like) colours are more expressive and get the information across much better (which is the important part…).

However, the colours are just defined in the canvas theme, so if you don’t like the defaults you can easily change them in the theme manager window.

the source code is in SVN like all our other source code.
its in the main (“trunk”) branch of svn. see for more details. Note: trunk is NOT suitable for use by regular users, nor should it be used on existing sessions, or sessions that matter. Our making it available only reflects the openness with which we do development, not our endorsement that its ready for use.


Piano-roll is the common ground that is useful to everyone, even if it’s not their first choice.

This is simply not true. Pianoroll is not much useful for people with classic musical education like me. I simply don’t get those sticks :slight_smile: But seing MIDI editor finally evolving in Ardour is awesome indeed :slight_smile:

Who knows… maybe some day you can do things like having a Five-Line System in place where now the audio-regions are. So you have a sequencerlike left-to-right Editor with Mixed Audio and Midi but additionally you can enter Notes directly without having to click on a track (like rosegarden) where you can’t compare polyphony because you can only see one staff at a time.
Imagine this staff-layout mixed with ardour regions:

Steele, dreaming

Yes please! Source code? I would very much like to use this, but i can’t find the source code. Is this already available for the public? Anyone knows where to get it?

I’m not sure if this idea has already been said but it would be VERY VERY GREAT if there was such a possibility of exploding midi track into separated tracks ( especially for drums ). Mostly I mean moving certain notes to single tracks. I used to use Cubase SX3 for Win32 and somehow I couldn’t find it :frowning: and would be wonderful if this special functionality wasn’t being forgotten.

Now, that the summer of code is over (I think) what about the project? Was it succesful?

when can we expect a release with midi recording functionality?

so i found the source (see 5 posts back). Compiling 2.0-ongoing v.2513 was very easy, and running super smooth here on a Intel Duocore with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. I have to say this version looks and feels amazing. Especially to people like me who are used to Logic Audio. So thank you so much for this beautiful application!

But now trying to building the download_full version with midi notation on Gutsy… Scons says it needs libjack >= 0.105 for it. But when i check the Jack website it seems that Gutsy’s version 0.103 is the latest release. Do you guys really mean that Ardour’s dev version is depending on dev versions of other packages who are unstable themselves, or am i wrong?! Another question; if i’d build Jack from their svn, so >= 0.105, don’t i also have to rebuild all other applications that use Jack?

Yes, the ardour “trunk” code uses the jack midi stuff that was introduced in 105 in the svn version or thereabouts. I would guess that by the time ardour 3.0 or whatever is released from the code in “trunk” that the released version of jack will be 107.something or greater. I don’t think it is at all unreasonable for this to happen in development branches of software with fairly close relationships.

I haven’t been following the ardour trunk or jack development very closely but I’d imagine that the new parts of the jack API that ardour is using are pretty established and not subject to wild changes.

From my experience you probably won’t have to rebuild applications that were built against the older jack but I wouldn’t be so foolish as to say that you definitely won’t have to.