Mixbus problems

Hi there.

I just purchased Mixbus and I think I might be experiencing a few different problems.

  1. I tried routing audio from Logic into Mixbus without success. I first launched Logic and selected preferences -audio - and then selected Jack. I then launched Mixbus but couldn’t work out how to route from Logic to Mixbus properly (at least I suspect that to be the reason - I’ve never used Jack before).

So I figured I could come back to that. Therefore I tried:

  1. to playback an audio file using Mixbus. I opened a session (by the way, I do not get a “Audio Setup” tab when I launch Mixbus, only the “New session” or “open session” tabs" and select import. I select a file I have bounced from Logic at 44100. On one occasion I successfully imported the file but I get Mixbus to “play”. I cant get Mixbus to play by clicking the “play” button in the transport section of the window or by pressing “H” on my keyboard.

In addition, in Jack’s preference window, I can’t change Jack’s sample rate from 32000. The driver, interface, sample rate, buffer size and interface output and input channels are grayed out.

I am quite frustrated here. Any help would be appreciated.

I would probably like how to work out how to get Mixbus to simply play an audio file to start with, then move onto how to use Jack to route audio between applications (btw - do I need to open Jack before launching Mixbus, or only when I intend to use Mixbus in conjunction with another audio application).

Also (and sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the IRC)?

Thanks every one.

  1. How to route audio from another application into Mixbus

This example uses Logic, but the method is the same for other apps

#Start the “Jack Pilot” app.
#Go to preferences and select sample rate and the amount of channels you wish to route.
#Hit “Start” on the JackPilot Window
#Boot up Logic
#In Preferences/Audio, select Jack Router in place of Core Audio
#Hit “Apply”
#(Not sure if necessary but do it any way) Quit Logic and restart.
#Open your Logic session and route your tracks to the outputs 1 - 32 or 64 or however many you’ve selected in Jack
#Boot up Mixbus
#Start a new session
#Create tracks
#Select from top menu - Window/Track Buss selector
#In the window you’ll see all your tracks and you’ll be able to select their inputs
#(and/or use the JackPilot “routing” button to route Logic tracks to Mixbus)

Then Record Arm the tracks so they will listen to live input from Logic, and you’re set!

It sounds like you’ve got JACK running in the background, and JackPilot is telling you you can’t change it because it’s already running. Press “Stop” and you should have the choices appear. If not, it’s probably because you have a troublesome audio interface. You may need to make an “aggregate device” in Audio Midi Setup. If none of this helps, please write us at the support email address that is listed in your download email.

You will not see the “Audio Setup” tab if JACK is already running in the background. If you are going to use Mixbus standalone, without other apps, most people choose to let Mixbus launch JACK for them. You can stop JACK from JackPilot, or you can just reboot if you’re unsure. Then start Mixbus without starting JACK. This will probably get you going.

You use the spacebar to start/stop playback, not H.

Thanks Ben.

Looks like I’ve got problem 2 sorted thanks to your advice. I didn’t realise there was a difference between JACK and JackPilot. I’ll need to keep an eye on this.

As for problem #1 - I managed to route audio from Logic into MixBus (as indicated by the meters in MixBus), but audio was played through the internal speakers (not the sound card - Mbox1). In fact it seems that audio was being through the internal speakers from both Logic and Mixbus as when I muted the track MixBus track the audio was being routed through, the volume decreased noticeably. I think I am still not setting up the routing correctly, as I am not finding the JACK/JackPilot (still not sure what the difference is there) very intuitive (i.e. I am somewhat of a moron) and therefore will need to keep experimenting with this.

In any case, I can now import and playback audio after bouncing. Which is great!

Thanks again Ben.


You are starting Jack via Jackpilot using the built-in interface instead of the MBox. You can change this in JackPilot’s preferences.

Regarding Logic playing through the interface, make sure that the Logic Ports in JackPilot are not routed out to the system_outs as well as Mixbus.


Seablade said: “You are starting Jack via Jackpilot using the built-in interface instead of the MBox. You can change this in JackPilot’s preferences.”

Remember you don’t actually need JackPilot. If you just start Mixbus first, it will start JACK for you, using the settings in the “Audio Setup” tab.


I’m new to Ardour-Mixbus, and have a question similar to the one addressed in this thread.

Currently, I am routing audio from Live and Renoise into Mixbus via the jack plugins. Am I correct in assuming that audio can alternatively be routed to live in the method described in the thread? If that is so, I am confused as to how jack publishes Live’s outputs. For example, if i have a track in love that is designated as Track 1, is this automatically published to Mixbus through Jack as out1?

I used the plugin method because I couldn’t figure it out another way, and assumed this was the way to go. if there is another way, I would like to know! :slight_smile: Additionally, what are the pros/cons to the different ways of routing audio through Jack?

Anyway, I didn’t really have much knowledge about Ardour until I came across Mixbus and am now happy to support this open-source project!

There are 2 routing scenarios, essentially.

If you have JACK aware apps (like Ardour, Mixbus, Hydrogen, PureData and others), then they expose their own inputs and outputs directly by registering JACK ports. You simply connect them to other JACK ports, and you are done. Nothing else to think about. (Ardour itself is relatively unique in that it uses JACK for all of its own audio routing (at least in versions 2.X), so that there are no hidden routings - every track & bus input and output is a JACK port. This has pros and cons.)

If you have non-JACK aware apps (like all those written to work with platform specific audio APIs), they do not appear directly as “themselves” - they don’t know to register JACK ports.

Instead JACK creates a user-specified number of “busses” that are represented by a set of inputs and outputs. To the non-JACK world, these look like “channels” on a “device” that you select for I/O. Other non-JACK aware apps simply connect as if they are connecting to a device; JACK-aware apps see JACK ports corresponding to each “JACK bus” input & output.

Hopefully this will give you some idea of how this works.

Thanks for your interest in Ardour.

I get a signal into Mixbus from Logic but no signal to the master out? It seems to be visual error tho because the compressor isn’t responding to the input.
Jack issue?

Problems Opening Mixbus

I recently purchased Mixbus and cannot get it to open at all. It crashes during the ‘opening’ process.

Any suggestions?

First suggestion is to email the support email in your documentation:)

Second suggestion is to paste the output to the console (Applications>Utilities>Console.app) to pastebin.org and link to it so that we can take a look at it.

Third Suggestion is to paste the crash report to pastebin.org and link to it here so that we can see it.

Final suggestion would probably be to start a new thread since this doesn’t seem to be related beyond simply involving Mixbus to the original topic of this thread:)


have you set up your audio interface in Jack?

also if you are on an Intel Mac and are wanting to use the built-in audio, you MUST use Audio MIDI Setup to create an aggregate device for Jack which combines one of the built-in inputs with the built-in output…

and don’t forget that if you want to change the Jack setup using JackPilot, you must stop the Jack server first…

if Jack isn’t properly set up with an audio interface, Mixbus will crash on launch (it will get to the project dialog, but fall over after that)…

Thanks Seablade and Fishmonkey. I’m a little new to forums and ‘tread starting’ so forgive me whilst I find my way around :slight_smile:

I have sent an email to support and am awaiting their reply.

I’ve pasted the crash report to http://pastebin.org/49022.

I have set up my audio interface in Jack and am running Mac Dual 2.3GHz PPC G5, OS 10.5.8.

I will set up a new thread once I figure out how to do it!

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Hmm looks like an issue with one of your plugins(A Waves plugin in this case). If you can jump on IRC it may be quickest to troubleshoot this there(The instructions are in your documentation you got with Mixbus) and I am sure Harrison will want ot know what plugin as Waves plugins I know have been tested before without issue.


Problem solved! The problem lied with some of the Waves plugins that I have rented in the past and therefore do not have permanent authorization for, namely The Tony Masterati Collection, H-Delay and H-Comp.

A quick uninstall of these plugins solved the problem.

Thanks for all the help.


@Koachie: the lack of auth should not have caused a crash, and not inside the plugin’s own code. Is there any chance that you could reinstall them and test this in a different AudioUnit host (Logic, Garageband, HALLab, others?) It would help us understand what is going on. Thanks.

@Paul: Prior to installing Mixbus the unauthorized plugins worked fine in Logic, in the sense that they didn’t cause it to crash whilst it started up. Not sure why moving them to the trash fixed the problem. I will reinstall them, reopen Mixbus and post the Crash Report to pastebin.org via a link here if that helps. Just let me know.

@koachie: i’ve seen the crash log already, so I don’t need to see it again. I’ll talk to Waves. What I would be interested to know is whether there is any sign of these plugins being present in Logic or not. Thanks.

There is a support email address that came with your download. It is strongly recommended that you use it. Although you may get some assistance here, this is not the support center for Mixbus. Actually, its not for Ardour either, but that’s another story.

I just bought mixbus and I cant even start using it! its crashing right after I select everything in audio setup tab!

and then seems like its initializing,but it crashes and show a message saying that mixbus cant start JACK…someone help me please!!!
I already opened the preferences in jack and set up for my MBOX and everything…wtf is going on???