Midi track reduced volume

I add some midi tracks, all with output to keyboard arranger for tones, everything is ok, but, after a while, one of the tracks loses its volume, it is barely audible. Without me turning up or down the volume, without plugins, without effects, regardless of the patch. Does anyone know what is going on?
Ardor 8.1, arch linux, jack.
Thank you!

A couple of questions:

  • What instrument is configured on the MIDI track which gets quiet?
  • Is it possible that there is a hardware control in play? E.g., my keyboard has an “expression control” pedal, which seems to affect volume for some of my instruments.


In an attempt to solve the problem, I made things as simple as possible: a new ardour session, only the master track and four MIDI tracks, say piano-1, drums-10, bass-11, guitar-12.
I have two external midi hardware: one Impulse49 midi controller and another Casio ct-x3000 keyboard.
I don’t use synth instrument. For play, all midi tracks output to Casio.
In order not to complicate things, I don’t use a control surface. I have the patchfile for my Casio.
Initially, everything is ok, after I make midi tracks, everything is ok, it sounds normal, I don’t add anything, no plugins, no effects, I don’t touch the volume sliders, no automation,nothing. I start to play, work, add more notes, delete, normal…
At some point, when I come back, the guitar, let’s say, is barely audible, as if I had reduced the volume to 5. Another time I happened with bass.

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