MIDI Setup Basics

Hi -
I am trying to set up MIDI with a Komplete Audio 6 and Ardour, but I am really not sure which options to select. So far I never got a signal from an instrument connected to the interface into Ardour.

I first used Jack alone, but no success. Then I tried to use it with a2jmidid but I get errors when I start either it or Jack first (“could not connect” - to what I don’t know).

I read that Ardour should also be able to work without Jack, but if I select ALSA for new project, and start it, it stops after a second or so (Ardour opens the main window, but the Audio/midi-setup window from starting the project comes back with saying “stopped” next to where I select Alsa & Jack).

Also I am generally not sure what to select in the first window when I open a new project. Midi Raw? Midi Seq? Jack1, Jack2? Do I select the audio Hardware or do I leave it blank (and handle it through qJackCtl)?

You see I need a bit of an education. The Ardour handbook seems not to explain these options. Any idea where I can read up on all of this?

Midiseq should be fine

For audio and alsa be sure to select the good interface, if you select eg the intel hda it is not fulle duplex, you will have to deselect the one in input field.

  • So would you recommend using Jack or just ALSA?
  • If Jack, would you select the hardware in qJackCtl and/or Ardour (it seemed to cause more problems when I did the latter)?
  • In which sequence should I start Jack, a2jmidi, and Ardour? (and Linuxsampler, too)
  • How do I go about troubleshooting, if one of these refuses to start or connect, or if I simply get no signal? Is there a way to test which of ALSA/Jack/Ardour/a2jmidi/linuxsampler are actually getting a midi signal?

Unless you need to route audio/MIDI between applications, just use Ardour’s own ALSA audio/MIDI backend. No extra steps required. All your devices will just be there.

No obvious reason to use Linuxsampler either unless you have a sample library in Giga format (unlikely, but possible). a-fluid (built into Ardour) can handle SF2 (SoundFont 2) files.

Ok, this helps a lot: So I have two fewer components to get to work. So far no luck, though.

I start a project, add midi tracks, put the a-fluid plugin in and load an sfz into it. When I click on the midi keyboard integrated in a-fluid, I see an input signal on the track, but hear no sound.
When I use a real keyboard through my interface (that seems to show a signal coming in), I don’t see or hear anything in Ardour.
I assume I would have to check midi channel numbers and other settings but I wonder where, and how to troubleshoot - or where to read up on it, so I don’t have to get on your nerves here?

EDIT: I see you said “sf2”, not “sfz”. So far everything I found (orchestra samples) seemed to be sfz, not sf2. Can I use these - and how?

Like Paul said above, a-fluid can handle SF2 files. For sfz you need a different plugin, like those in this thread: SFZ soundfonts in Ardour

…you mean like Linuxsampler :wink: ? Which means I am basically back on square one. And actually linuxsampler works with the virtual midi keyboard. Only I get no input from the midi interface.

If anyone has any midi troubleshoot links, I’d be very happy.

No, I mean sfizz or liquidsfz. They look pretty much like a-fluid.

Also, allow me to post this here, I seem to be unable to create new topics - the “New Topic” button is inactive for me. Is there anything I can do about that? Replying apparently still works.

As for the actual topic: Linuxsampler seems to work and unlike the other two it is part of the kxstudio repos. Is there any reason why I should switch?

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