Midi export and signature + tempos

Hi there,
is it possible to export a midi track that will contain the signatures and tempo information? I’m using Ardour 6 (and I’m very happy :grin:)

I am not sure if anything changes with version 6, but if you want to import in another Ardour session, see this: export tempo and time signatures

For me it is even better. as I can copy the <TempoMap> and <Locations> sections to a new Ardour file. It works great for me, since I use different sessions for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

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Sadly this was not changed for Ardour 6.0

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Thank you for your answer, unfortunately, this is for exporting to another DAW (I am recording with Ardour but the mix and mastering will be done by another person)

Thank you for clarifying it.

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