export tempo and time signatures

How do I export/import the tempo/meter from one Ardour session to new (Ardour) session?

When I make new songs, I usually do all the sequencing in one Ardour session and when I need to do tracking, I export the track to audio and create a new Ardour session to do the tracking. (I do that to have the least amount of plugins possible running during the tracking (to avoid xruns and keep latency as low as possible).)

The problem is that most of the songs I write have a lot of time signature changes, and it is very time consuming to reenter these by hand.

I tried to import a MIDI track created during sequencing, but these don’t seem to have any tempo/meter information.

Is that possible?

Ardour can import a tempo map inside an SMF (MIDI) file, but currently does not export it’s tempo map in any form. That will change in version 6, but cannot be done in earlier versions.

The information is is available in the session file, which is just text (marked up with XML). So if you are comfortable with a text editor, you could always copy-n-paste the tempo map state from one session to another.

Thanks, Paul, for the quick reply.

Ah! I see the tempo map! I will try to copy and paste it. Thanks!

So I’ve tried it in a real session today and worked great. I was also able to copy the location markers. That was really helpful info and made my life a lot easier. Thank you so much!