MIDI display and playback out of sync

I’ve imported a MIDI file, recorded in one 7.3 session, into a different 7.3 session that has a number of tempo changes (that aren’t present in the session in which the file was recorded).

After the first change in tempo the notes no longer line up with the barlines and beatlines – visually they’ve not moved to conform to the different tempo grid.

However, they are playing back correctly, in sync with the ebb and flow of the metronome as the tempo changes i.e. they’re visually and sonically out of sync.

I’ve searched Mantis but couldn’t see a bug having been reported, but I’ve a vague recollection of somebody maybe recently having had a similar issue with MIDI. Is this a known issue or should I report it?

Found it, it was this thread here:

I’ve just tried to reproduce this with two new 7.3 sessions: creating MIDI, exporting it, importing it into another new session after creating a tempo change marker. I failed to reproduce the behaviour: it worked as expected, the notes moving/stretching as the region moved past the tempo marker.

Could the issue I’ve experienced be anything to do with the fact the session it occurred in was created in 7.0 but was being edited in 7.3? (Whereas my test was done entirely in 7.3.)

i made it entirely in 7.3

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