Midi CC numder finding

If we are going to draw multiple tracks for midi Controls, we can choose a concrete СС and we see numbers of CC(s) in a chooser:


But after opening any CC track, there’s no number of this CC control in the track header (or anywhere else /may be I missed/).

How could we find a number of CC?
For example, Carla asks to assign a number of CC to modulate some plugin’s parameter, but when we already have few CC curves (tracks) for this midi, it’s not visible which CC number has the concrete СС curve(track).

Here’s an example, where we have five CC curves for a midi track, but we can’t see any information about CC numbers:


What version of Ardour is that ? The controller numbers are visible in square brackets ([]) but they seem to be incorrect.

Ardour 5.11.4. But I recently checked Ardour 2.12.0 (demo version from ardour.org) - the same thing. As I see there are channel’s numbers in square brackets, not controller numbers (I’ve checked also: when we choose a different channel in controller selector - a number in brackets is changing).

“2.12.0” - I ment “5.12.0”

Should it be useful to make a feature request in Bug Tracker on this topic?

I’ve made a .midnam file to change names of controllers. I’ve taken an original file “MIDI.midnam” from “/opt/ardour/share/patchfiles/” folder and changed all the names to “CC1, CC2, CC3…CC127” in it. Now I can see a number of controller from it’s name in the track header of automation.

Is it a good idea to make a separate additional .midnam file called “Carla.midnam” in the folder “/opt/ardour/share/patchfiles/”? I’ve already tried to do so, but Ardour doesn’t include it to the list after restarting. I think I can’t make a literate PR to github, but I could make a feature request to Bug Tracker and upload my “self-made” file “MIDI.midnam”.

A self-made MIDI.midnam:


An additional video about my actions:

If somebody will be interested: I’ve found the solution.

It was not a bug. Just I was using “Generic” (default) map in the “External MIDI Device” list - and it has no numbers in its names of CC. Some other maps have the numbers in its CC names. Also I’ve found the way to make visible a custom .midnam file in Ardour. Just put a custom file in to a folder:
“home/username/.config/ardour5/patchfiles”. If the folder “patchfiles” is absent - just create it.