LSP Plugins 1.1.14 is out!

  • Implemented Multiband expander plugin series.
  • Additional DSP optimizations of code with AVX, AVX2 and FMA3 instruction set or i586 and x86_64 architectures.
  • Additional DSP optimizations for AArch64 architecture.
  • Reworked and additionally optimized structure of all filter chains.
  • Refactored and optimized dynamic filter processing.
  • Updated behaviour of limiter in classic mode.
  • Implemented multilingual interface support.
  • Implemented workaround for Drag&Drop support initiated by GTK-based applications.
  • Added russian translations of the user interface.
  • Added desktop menu for standalone JACK plugins (contributed by David Runge).
  • Added scalable vector graphics (SVG) logo (contributed by Sergey Tkach
  • Added 4.5 dB/octave envelope compensation for spectrum analyzer, renamed purple noise to violet noise in UI.
  • Bypass button now supports LV2:enabled designation, that makes plugin to work more smooth with the host.
  • Bypass button now handles effSetBypass VST event, that makes plugin to work more smooth with the host.
  • Now LV2 and VST plugins can be compiled without the UI support.
  • Removed strict requirement to build UI for LADSPA version of plugins.
  • Implemented support of LV2 state:mapPath extension.
  • Denied use of -ffast-math compiler option since it may provide incorrect behaviour of standard C
    library functions like isnan() and isinf().
  • Fixed upward compressor behaviour: now upward compressor has additional compensation knee that prevents from
    infinite gain boost on low-level input signals.
  • Fixed bug in trigger that caused notes to be immediately cancelled.
  • Fixed bug in Profiler plugin that caused crash on saving files to WAV format.
  • Fixed bug with producing NaNs by dynamic processors in some cases when knee has zero length.
  • Fixed stack corruption bug when working with UI styles and colors.
  • Fixed problem with matched Z transform caused by filter characteristics optimizations.
  • Fixed bug with pop-up menus in parameter’s editing popup window that caused user interface to lock.
  • Added SIGPIPE signal blocking for JACK plugin format at startup.

Short demo of Multiband Expander Plugin:

You may help the project by submitting donation on:


looks cool
By the way, have you thought about implementing a non-convolver reverb?

Sadly but not currently. There is a bunch of things to do before we can start working on a reverb plugin.

well, at least it’s good to hear that you plan on doing it at some point, because free software needs more reverbs :~)

hi @SadKo

a Manjaro user found a minor glitch with v1.1.14 plugin - spectrum_analyzer_x1

plugin still works no problem but with error message:

error: /usr/lib/lv2/lsp-plugins.lv2/spectrum_analyzer_x1.ttl:278:2: missing ';' or '.'
WARNING - Broken plugin parameter 'Channel': min >= max - pulseeffects 4.7.2-1 kills audio and locks PC after updates

i tried to use the feedback form on website but it does not appear to be working

many thanks for making some excellent audio tools

1.1.15 was released 3 days ago

Maybe the glitch is already fixed

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thank you for the link to the new version

the new file does appear to be fixed

Sorry for a bit late reply.
Yes, there was an issue of generating LV2 TTL files for some plugins which caused your problem.
Release 1.1.15 has fixed it.

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