LSP Plugins 1.1.15 is out!

This release mostly fixes problems found in the 1.1.14 release.

The overall list of changes:

  • Fixed improper TTL file generation for several plugins.
  • Restored missing SVG files, implemented proper icon installation.
  • Added better desktop entry categorization (contributed by Dennis Braun).
  • Added protection from NaNs, Inf’s and denormal floating point values passed to plugins’ audio
    inputs, all considered to be invalid values are replaced with zeros.
  • Added ‘-fvisibility=hidden’ compilation option to avoid conflict between builtin resources of
    shared objects that contain implementation of different plugin formats.

Can you explain in more detail what this means?

What kind of conflicts would occur? Is that option recommended always, or only if your system has some particular problem?

In previous releases, all symbols were published and visible.
When an application tries to load two libraries, one symbol from the first library overrides the same symbol in the second library. I’ve reproduced the case by creating the empty session and adding some LADSPA plugin to the bus. Then I’ve added the second LV2 plugin and all worked OK until I’ve tried to run the UI.
When I tried to run the UI, Ardour crashed because LV2 library tried to initialize and perform access to builtin resources from LADSPA library which are empty for LADSPA and not empty for LV2.
So to make libraries non-confilicting, we are required to make these resource symbols invisible by applying ‘-fvisibility=hidden’ to the build. The best way is to make all symbols invisible except the ones required to be visible to the host.

More detailed explanation is available here:

Thank you for the work! I would love to get started using these, but I read on Linuxmusicians forum that a critical bugfix is coming up real soon ? Or is it possible / feasable to install 2 versions side-by-side ?

You can use this version but please notice that UI will show bad unit names for knobs.
Or you can wait for just 2-3 days and upgrade to 1.1.17.

LSP Plugins 1.1.17 - set of fixes

This release solves some additional problems found since 1.1.15 and 1.1.17 release.
The full list of changes:

  • Desktop integration icons are now more properly following the XDG standard.
  • Fixed Lanczos resampling kernel formula for oversampling operations.
  • Fixed improper display of units in the UI.
  • Added French translation of the UI (contributed by Olivier Humbert).
  • Added Italian translation of the UI (contributed by Stefano Tronci).
  • Fixed non-working right sidechain channel for stereo version of
    Compressor, Dynamic Processor, Expander and Gate plugins.
  • Added WM_NAME, WM_CLASS and WM_WINDOW_NAME support for the X11 protocol.
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