Loop Record with Punch-in-out

I’m looking for the following feature: I want to make a recording on my own, but I don’t want to constantly run back and forth between the director and the recording room. That’s why I want to define a loop area in Ardor that’s slightly larger than the punch-in area. Of course, with a new loop run, the recording in a new layer should appear in the corresponding track. Is that possible? Or are there other ways to control Ardor remotely via your mobile phone, for example?

Loop Recording and Punch-In/Out recording are exclusive, pick one.

One option is to just do loop recording and later splice it (in layered display mode, range select > split).

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TouchOSC or TouchDAW comes to mind.


There’s also a not very well document web interface that you can use from any browser.

Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces > WebSockets Server (experimental)

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Great new solutions that I did not know about. Thanks for sharing, will try them out eventually.

For a much simpler approach I tried with a Web browser (Firefox) on a Android phone some time ago.
I do not know if this still works. But is relatively simple.

Details are in the last posting of the following thread:

Would like to add that personally I prefer loop recording, making the loop range bigger than the stuff I want to record so I have some setup time per run.
Then I just record as many times as I want, select the best track and scrap the rest.
Works fine for me.

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After you enable the Websockets Server in the preferences, look in the Log window (Window->Log), there it will say

ArdourWebsockets: listening on: http://myhost:3818/

Open that URL in a browser on any computer (smartphone, tablet, …) in the same network (myhost will be the name of the host Ardour runs on instead).

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