Websockets and web_surfaces [ANSWERED]

I managed to enable the experimental web socket server in
Edit -> Preferences -> Control Surfaces

I pointed my firefox to /opt/Ardour-6.5.0/share/web_surfaces/index.html

and voila, got it!

Now, unfortunately it is beyond my current capabilities to publish this to an external Tablet, Smart Phone etc.
Any pointers to documentation how to address this appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

P.S.: It is probably way beyond my capabilities to add more transport capabilities like rewind …

The websocket surface also serves the page on port 3818, so you can point a web-browser to

For the tablet, or phone, use the hostname or IP of the machine that runs Ardour instead of localhost.

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Thanks, works. (takes long to load, expecially mixer, but I have > 50 tracks in my playground session.)

This facility really could turn out to be very useful, because almost everybody has a smart phone, especially folks working outside of the rich countries.

Guess adding features from my end is totally out of reach :slight_smile:

EDIT: I ran “ip addr” to find out the address of my Linux machine


So, for other folks here is my quick reference:

  1. Make sure Linux and and Smartphone can “see” each other, e.g. same WLAN

  2. Find out IP address of Linux engine:
    ip addr
    I got something like

  3. Enable web surfaces in Ardour
    Edit -> Preferences -> Control Surfaces
    tick on “Web Sockets Server (Experimental)”

  4. test on a local browser: http://localhost:3818
    if this works then:

  5. open browser on smart phone and go to http://<your_host>:3818

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