Logarithmic Waveform Shortcut key

Is there a shortcut key to change between the two different waveform display modes?

Sometimes I have audio files of different dynamic levels in the same session and the waveform display that works for one doesn’t always work so well for the other. It would be handy if there is a shortcut key or button I can press to change the display without having to go into the preferences screen.

There is no such shortcut currently.

I saw this in the git log earlier

Blockquote Add Lua bindings for UIConfiguration variables

Do those UIConfiguration variables include the waveform display? :slight_smile:

yes :star_struck:

For Ardour6, you can now create a script, and bind it to a toolbar-button and/or keyboard short:

ardour { ["type"] = "EditorAction", name = "Toggle Waveform" }
function factory () return function ()
  if 0 == ArdourUI.config():get_waveform_scale() then
    ArdourUI.config():set_waveform_scale (1)
    ArdourUI.config():set_waveform_scale (0)
end end
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Perfect, thanks. A6 is going to be awesome!

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