Link Gain Increase to Gain Decrease on associated track or bus

For example, 2 tracks with different effects; increase the gain of one track 10 db and lower the gain of an associated track by 10 db using a single gesture, or a single automation track.
Can this be done?

Not possible at this time no. Might be possible via lua scripting, but that isn’t what most people are looking for obviously.


i see one potential solution - ability to invert gain when assigning track to VCA faders.

example: link first track to vca in normal mode, and link second track to same vca in ‘inverse’ mode, but that raises a lot ‘what if you do X’

I like this idea, it occurred to me also. But I found a possible solution that seems to work…using the Panner control.

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A cross-fade plugin should be able to the trick.

You could either create a 2 * N channel bus, and connect the outputs of both source tracks to that. Then load “ACE Cross Fade”.

Or just load “ACE Cross Fade” to one of the tracks and use pin-connections and sidechain the other track.

Note that ACE Cross-fade use interleaved mapping:
In A(left), In B(left), In A(right), In B(right) → Out A, Out B

Using the multi-channel VBAP panner could work, though there’s the drawback that the panner can’t be automated in this mode.

Another approach could be to use a crossfade plugin: see Crossfade between buses? & Link gain levels of 2 tracks as "opposites" - #15 by x42

[ Edit ] ah, I see Robin has beaten me to it :slight_smile:

Thanks Colin and Robin. I’ll use the Cross Fade plugin. My morning experiments with the Panner control solution didn’t, er, pan out.

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