Korg nanoKONTROL2 lights don't stay lit

(Wonko) #1

So there is already a thread about the nanoKONTROL but it’s a bit old and Ardour has changed a lot since then. I’ll start a new thread to keep this cleaner and less confusing.

I have recently setup Ubuntu Studio 18.04 and started playing with Ardour 5.12. I’m really impressed. This is amazing software.

I decided a control surface was an absolute must and settled on the Korg nanoKONTROL2 as an inexpensive option. It’s quite nice and very much worth the price.

It was extremely easy to setup with Ardour and over all I’m very happy with the entire process.

That being said, however, there is one small issue I’m not able to figure out.

Everything works, however I can’t seem to get the S/M/R lights to stay on. This thing comes from the factory with all the buttons set to momentary. This works the way I want in Ardor (one push on, one push off). If I change the buttons to toggle the lights do indeed stay lit after I’ve pushed them, however this doesn’t work correctly with Ardour. With the buttons set to toggle the second push turns the light off but doesn’t change the setting in ardor, I need to push it a third time and then the light comes back on even though the function is off in Ardour.

I tried adding momentary=no to the midi mapping file, but that had no effect.

Binding channel=“1” ctl=“48” uri="/route/mute B1" momentary=“no”

I’m not sure what to do at this point. It’s really annoying needing to go look at Ardour to see the status of mute/record.



(Paul Davis) #2

You should use a MIDI monitor to get a trace of precisely what the button(s) send and when. Ardour has one builtin, or you may prefer an external one.

(Wonko) #3

So what I see is on a momentary button, I get the press and release events corresponding to push and release of the button.

Push of button, light is on as holding it:
14:08:21.948865 Controller chn 1 31 7f

Release of button, light turns off:
14:08:22.140687 Controller chn 1 31 00

With the button set to toggle I get the press event the first press and the release event the second push.

First push, light stays on:
14:09:19.357103 Controller chn 1 30 7f

Second push, light turns off:
14:09:20.658216 Controller chn 1 30 00

So it looks like the solo/mute/record buttons in Ardor are only responding to the press event and not the release event.

How do I get Ardour to match what the surface is doing? Can Ardour tell the surface to control those lights?

(Paul Davis) #4

This is (sadly, in a way) already fixed in the git repo, but not in any release. We’re a long way from releasing a new version. THe problem originated in an assumption of mine, cited in a comment in the old code:

			 * (0x40). It is hard to imagine why anyone would make
			 * a MIDI controller button that sent 0x0 when pressed.

Not sure what I was thinking. Short story: you can’t make this work with the current release. Sorry about that.

(Wonko) #5

I look forward to the next release then. :slight_smile:

And don’t beat yourself up too badly. Shortsighted decisions like that are a part of software development. I try not to count how many times I’ve done similar things. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a while since I’ve done MIDI, but shouldn’t you be able to control the lights on the control surface in response to what Ardour is doing? That would actually be a better solution because if I click the record button in Ardour with my mouse the surface would update its light to match the change. I’ve got “MIDI control out” connected to the MIDI input for the surface but it doesn’t magically work sadly.

(Paul Davis) #6

our “Generic MIDI” control surface support doesn’t include the notion of much talk-back to the surface, although there is a feedback option which does send messages back to the surface when the parameters being controlled are modified. There is no way to alter or control those messages, however. They will be a perfect match for what the device would send if it was trying to set the parameter.

For devices like the Push 2, the various FaderPorts, and the Maschine we have dedicated surface support code that understands precisely how to “talk back” to the device to make sure its current state reflects Ardour’s state.

(Wonko) #7

Maybe I’ll take a stab at how hard that would be with the Korg nano series. They seem like pretty nice surfaces at a really attractive price.

(Philippe) #8

To change the behavior of the buttons, the easiest way is to use the windows software under wine, set it one’s and it stay.

(Wonko) #9

Changing the behavior of the buttons here isn’t the issue.

(Xbreathe1001) #10

Thanks a lot for This thread that gives clarity. :slight_smile: