Keyboard use with plugins

Using Zyn Fusion synth (in Linux), when I try to search for a preset, the keys pressed ins the search bar are passed to Ardour, which interprets them as keyboard shortcuts. (Therefore I cannot use the search…) Is there a way to avoid that (maybe temporarily)?

I can see how this can be ambiguous, as it’s nice to be able to press the space bar (or L) with a plugin open and have Ardour start playing. But it would be nice to be able to search.

In the upper right of the plugin editor/GUI is a small keyboard icon. If enabled (click on it). all key press and release events should be sent to the plugin.

Thanks, Paul and Robin for the replies!

And I’m sorry for missing the already asked question… I did search, but I guess not well enough.

It’s weird because I am using the LV2 plugin. I double checked after I read Robin’s message. But now it is not happening anymore… But now I know about the keyboard icon.

Again, thanks for the help!

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