Text input in Zyn-fusion not working

I can’t rename any of the slots in macro learn and I can’t use the search box in the browser, this happens even after allowing the plugin to receive keyboard events that ardour would normally use as a shortcut, I can still interact with most other UI elements though, I’m not sure if this is a zyn-fusion issue or ardour issue can anybody tell me what might be wrong or a possible solution?

my ardour version is 6.6.0

Are you using the VST or the LV2 plugin (check the window-title bar)?

Does enabling keyboard-entry (keyboard-icon top-right the plugin UI) help?

Here it works with the LV2 plugin after engaging keyboard-entry.

My bad I was using the vst plugin by mistake (for some reason I after installing zyn-fusion, ardour didn’t show the vst or lv2 extensions in the two names, so I clicked the last one thinking it might have been lv2, now it shows after I went back to check), text input works with the lv2 plugin with and without keyboard-entry thanks for the help

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