Is there any premium quality compressor plugins on Linux that are free/open source

Does anyone know any good compressors. I tried some but some of them feel/sound cheap but I do have mixbus so that helps, I stopped using calf eq and am using x42 eq instead as a example. I’m just trying to clean up my plugin list.

LSP comps are very versatile, as ‘clean’ comp. I love ‘Pressure4’ from airwindows for more ‘analog’ feels, and Squeezer is really good if you work with both computer and hardware devices.


I find a-compressor sufficient for most of my compressing needs, but sometimes I do pull out Squeezer just to have more knobs to fiddle.

Is pressure4 for Linux?

I was testing out the a-comp, it seems pretty good so far

Yes, all formats (linuxvst, windows vst2, MacOS vst2 and Au) are included in the archive.
Note that Pressure4 doesn’t have all regulars comp parameters (only 4), the video can help to understand how to set up (specially ‘Mewiness’, others are common).

Is there a link, I’m not sure which download has it. I’ll try and see what appears on one of the downloads. Nowhere says Linux but I’ll see

All Chris’ plugins are in the full bundle but Pressure4 is also included in his “Starter Kit” that contains what he considers his essential plugins.

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I use EQ10Q’s compressor - I like the configuration menu, it sounds great, and it is super versatile (coming in mono/stereo and sidechain/standard variations). In the past, I used Calf Compressor which is super cool, but a little more resource heavy than the EQ10Q stuff.

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You can download all plugins or the starter kits as mentionned by @bachstudies, or only download the plugin by clicking on the name ‘Pressure4’ under description :

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Ya I want to use eq10q plugin but it doesn’t open the GUI on my system.

Thanks for this I’ll check it out

You must be using the default EQ10Q build from the repos, which for some reason doesn’t compile correctly. Download the version from their website, and build it manually using the commands they have in the readme, and as you do make sure you build it with GCC5 when it asks. It works flawlessly then.

If you’re not feeling up for that, Calf Compressor is still a banging option that comes in LV2 format and has never once failed me.

I’ve tried 'em all. And have to say the Ardour Team’s a-compressor may be overlooked and underrated due to lack of GUI, but can stand up to the best of 'em.

For Mixbus users (including myself) it can give you the hard knee comp with att/rel controls that’s missing from Harrison’s product line.

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Is building it hard and does it leave any things I staled that are hard to remove

I was hoping if someone had the lv2 files in a folder where I can just add it to my plugin folder

I’m not sure if the a-comp is good but I have to give it another try, I have windows setup and I do have a lot of nice plugins but Now On Linux I have a hard time trusting the ones I have

Is the a-comp based on a VCA style compressor model. I heard that it sounds like a typical VCA style compressor

If you still need it, I have it in my /usr/local/lib, meaning I compiled it some time ago (can’t remember when).

Here you can download the binaries too:

Get and execute - it will install everything right away!

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