iRig Keys 2 Pro

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I’d like to thank everyone for the great information we can find on the forum.

I would like to buy a iRig Keys 2 Pro keyboard. I just want to use it as a standard MIDI keyboard when playing in Ardour. I use Ardour on Ubuntu with a scarlett soundcard. Can someone confirm the iRig pro 2 works flowlessly for MIDI?

I found in another post (Ardour 4 - use 2 soundcards parallel) that there are some troubles to use the internal soundcard of the iRig. No big deal for me, again I am just looking for MIDI master as long as Ardour is concerned.



That device is just a completely standard USB MIDI keyboard as far as their website indicates. It also indicates that even audio “just works” on an iPad which is the gold standard for evidence that it will just work on Linux (it means that the device must function with a completely generic class compliant USB audio driver - iPads have no option to install drivers).

Using multiple audio interfaces is almost always problematic and wrong, so yes, if you wanted to use its audio output, you’d have to deal with those complexities. But that won’t stop you from using the USB MIDI aspects at all.

Great. Thanks Paul! My Xmas list is getting much better. :slight_smile: