Ardour 4 - use 2 soundcards parallel

hi, i want to use 2 soundcards in parallel with my ardour 4.0 system.

i have an internal laptop soundcard and a usb irig pro soundcard (where only recording is possible).

what do i have to define at start of ardour to be able to record with the usb soundcard and listen with the internal soundcard live what i am recording.

is this possible?


in audacity it works. i can record with the usb irig pro while i am listen with my internal soundcard

when i start ardour i set

audiosystem ALSA
eingangsgerät irig pro
ausgangsgerät HDA intel PCH

when i start i get the error audio device not valid!

audiosystem ALSA
eingangsgerät irig pro
ausgangsgerät kein

it works, but i can not hear anything. i can only record.


With the JACK backend, and for good advice in general:

With the ALSA backend, the answer is no.

@Bigjuergo, Audacity is a totally different program and likely uses pulse as it’s audio back end. This means there is some hidden resampling going on to make it work. The other thing to look at with audacity is if you can record while playing back. There is no doubt you should be able to do one or the other as audacity only opens sound ports while using them. For tracking you need both. The only realistic way to do this with jack is to use some sort of external resampler. I would recommend zita-ajbridge as having the highest quality. I would not recommend using more than one sound card, but if that is what you have, zita is very good.

thank you for help. i ordered the Roland DUO-CAPTURE EX. i will only this card for recording and playback.
i hope i can use my usb midi keyboard akai25 in parallel to that soundcard.

Even if you already have bought an audio interface which covers the functionality of the both interface before, just for the record:

I made quite good experience with zita-ajbridge for using JACK with multipe audioinfaces.

In contrast to the alsa_in/out JACK clients approach which needs synchronized audio interfaces which have to share the same sample clockzita-ajbridge doesn’t need such kind of clock sync.

The information in the previous post is incorrect.

Both alsa_in/alsa_out and the zita versions do resampling to deal with clock sync. In general, however, the zita version uses less CPU, is higher quality and is preferrred.

Thats true!
I was wrong.
I guess I mixed up alsa_in/alsa_out and Alsa Virtual multi channel devices which is conceptionally something completely different.