Increase Font size (in any possible way)

Hi, I installed the new version of Ardour on a MacOS I obtained at work.
Because I have issues with my eyes, I have immediately searched for the option to increase the font that is present in Windows for example. I realised reading in this forum that the option is not available on MacOS due to the OS.
I tried to increase the font more through the Accessibility hoping that Ardour would have inherited something and increased its font, but it didn’t work.
So, because all previous threads stop there, I am asking if you have found any trick to increase font size of Ardour in any possible way. :pray:

Here a screenshot showing the font I see on Ardour, compared with the font of the MacOs. The font on Mac is increased by 2 points using the Accessibility → Display menu.

EDIT: added screenshot

I wonder whether this 8.2 release notes item has anything to do with this?

Do not automatically set font-size on macOS.

ah ok sorry I didn’t catch that item.
I was writing that I can try to install a previous version of ardour, but it seems I cannot find a previous version on website…

I am wondering if maybe the issue is that I am using a laptop 15’'.
Probably it is weird to use a DAW on laptop and maybe you do not have any issue, because you are using a MacOs Desktop with very big display?

Ardour 8.1 for Intel Mac, grab it soon, I will disable the link tomorrow.

Thanks Mikael, much appreciated :pray:

The link is now disabled.

No it does not.


When a new user first starts Ardour on Windows or Linux (systems that do allow font-scaling), the ideal font-size is auto-detected for the new user setup dialog.

In the past, a user could only change UI scaling after the fact, and on 4k or 8k screens the setup dialog was unreadable.

By accident this auto-detection for the setup dialog was also enabled on macOS. While fonts were not scaled (macOS does not allow it), other aspects of the GUI were incorrectly scaled.

macOS automatically scales Ardour when it is moved between screens. You can move Ardour from a HiDPI Retina screen to a full HD, to an 8K display and it stays the same apparent size. Really magic. Doing the same on Windows or Linux is a mess of different sizes. - On the downside all scaling is done my Apple and Ardour has no control over it.