Where can I get pre-built packages?

I searched in forum and on website, but I didn’t find nothing about this.
I have a problem with font-size that I wrote about here and Martin Vlk pointed out that in release notes of Ardour 8.2 there is an item related to font-size.
I was thinking to install a previous version, but because this is the first time I use a MacOs I don’t have any previous package.
Is there a place where I can download previous MacOs pre-built packages? :pray:

We have a policy of not making older versions available, feeling that it undermines and devalues the work we put into fixing bugs and adding features.

Thanks Paul.
Just to understand if the issue I have with fonts on 8.2, is there any other way I can test a previous version?

You’d have to build it yourself (non-trivial) or get someone else to give it to you.

The change in 8.2 was nothing major, and it not expected to have much if any impact for the overwhelming majority of macOS users.

I would be happy to upload any of these old DMGs I have to my Mediafire account, and send you a download link. I’m not sure if they’d work with your particular Mac, however (-I’m bad understanding compatibility stuff :persevere:):

Some Ardour DMG files I have

The ones in green are 6.9.0 in 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (x86_64) versions.
(This “outdated” version is the version of Ardour I currently use! haha :grimacing:)

Let me know if you want to test any of these.

6.9.0 is probably WAY too old for you…
Upon re-reading your post, I bet you’re looking for like 8.1, or something, haha.
If that’s the case, maybe someone else can help. :grin:

Thanks @GhostsonAcid .
I appreciate that.
In another thread mhartzel shared with me an 8.1
I already installed it and my font issue is the same. So thanks for your help, but I think this is an issue due to my eyes, my small monitor, too many things to show and OS not allowing devs to increase the font probably.
I am experimenting with the theme “ Milk” because having almost everything white, it seems to help my eyes.
Thanks again :pray:

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