Incompatibility between Windows + Linux Versions?

I have bought a used Portege X30 and run into install toubles with av-linux - described here:

I have to cut a new radio play straight away and need the noise repellent plugin, which I have in ardour in avl - so the solution I see now is, cut it in Windows (evrything is recorded) and then switch to av-linux.

The problem could be, that AVL is Version 5.12 and WIndows is 6.2 - I started the project in AVL (importing all files), then moved the folder to the windows partition - opend the ardour-file and ardour just created a new ardour-file, because of the newer version.

I retransfered the file to AVL and could open it. So it should work. But still the question, do you see any problems? Or can I have 5.12 for Windows, so I have equal versions?

It’s got nothing to do with Windows vs. Linux. – Ardour 6 can load Ardour 5 sessions, but not vice versa.

The best solution would be to update AVL to use Ardour 6. @GMaq is that on your list?

Installing 5.12 on Windows instead would have been a solution, except it’s too late if you’ve already did significant work with 6.2.

May I suggest you use Ardour 5.12 on both systems. 5.12 is tried and tested and very very stable. Use 6.2 only if you need its new features. Whatever you choose you need to use the same version on both platforms. This is true also with other DAW’s.

I did not do any work until now - so no problem to install 5.12 on Windows, but I dont find it.

Some user called “Musicódigo” placed the Windows version on back in 2017:

EDIT: Devs/moderators, I won’t be offended if you remove this post. Honestly, the paywall for Ardour binaries has rather muddied my thinking as to what to do in this type of situation when the binaries are already “out there” and legal. @kultex1, perhaps a small donation to the developers would be appropriate if you end up using 5.12 extensively on Windows?

Ardour 6.0 is a lot more robust that 5.12 and on top of that includes countless bug fixes, some even critical ones (e.g. periodic backup saves).

I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone to use Ardour 5.x at this point in time, and certainly not for new projects.

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thanks for the link - maybe it would be nice to create a old-versions folder, just for this cases…
I did this OS-hopping several times from OSX to av-linux, but I took care always to have the same ardour version. I did not have in mind, that I cannot install av-linux to the new laptop…
and the discussion about the paywall is a bit strange - you can download av-linux or ubuntu studio for free and Ardour is included…
I think, its necessary, that the paywall is here, so peaope start to think, but…

@Robin Gareus

I am using Ardour for cutting my radio plays once a year now for 13 years with all versions - never had any problems - so I dont think, I will have troubles with 5.12…
The only thing I am a little bit worried - I never used it on windows - but its win10 pro not home…

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Right, but not Windows or OSX versions…I agree with @x42 that now version 6 is available go with that even though I appreciate the stability arguments. v6.2 is awesome and extremely stable for me, at least!

It’s futile trying to stop this. If someone is willing to steal, use warez, or find a crack they will always succeed, so with Ardour we don’t even try to prevent this.

Anway, since Ardour is released in terms of he GPL, the binary can freely redistributed. – As long as you provide the same rights to the recipient.

…and yes, if you like a piece of software, it’s only fair to show appreciation and ideally contribute something.

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In general we don’t want users to use older versions. They just run into old bugs and we don’t have means to support those.

Then again, there are some special cases like yours, where an exception is warranted. So far @paul has so far handled this on a per-user basis via support emails, and I have shared some binaries with users asking on IRC.

Also if you have paid for a given version, you can always re-download this version later on

I do a monthley subscription since 13 years, so this should not be a problem, but I am following another path.

noise-repellent is not in the new Ubuntu-studio, even they have carla installed. But the deb is available in the KXStudio plugins - so just installed and Ardour found it immediatly. So hopefully I will not have any problems in the evening installing Ubuntu studio to the hard disk.

By the way - the new Ubuntu LTS uses also 5.12 - I will see, if I can update it to 6.2…

And maybe some notes, who will be interesting for others: The Ubuntu kernel handles the CPU best - I can listen and cut with no noise of the fan - the Portege x30 has built in harman/kardon speakers and for the first cutting its absolute enough good sound.
In windows I have to wear a headset, because the fan is to loud - it blows all the time when ardour is opened - avlinux is somewhwer in between - it blows just sometimes…

I don’t know GMaq’s plans, but I have installed Ardour 6.0 and now 6.2 on the current AV Linux (over the 5.2 that came with it) and it installs and runs perfectly.

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I am definite no fan of ubuntu, but the installer was something like only 5 clicks and the artwork is really nice. So ok for now, but when I finish my play, I want to start to work on a debian iso without systemd…

@anahata - how do you install 6.2 over 5.12? you just execute the .run file from the ardour linux download? You uninstall 5.12 before?

Yes, chmod +x the downloaded file, then run it.
The installer asks if you want to remove the previous version. You can keep both if you want to, and run either version.

In Ubuntu studio it did not ask, if I want to remove older version, but I could uninstall it…

THX a lot to everybody - everything works like I want beside systemd…

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You can have both installed side by side, the distribution managed version will be in /usr while the version from this website installs in /opt. Just be careful about which version you open when you open the software so you know what version you are working in.



Sorry had a busy weekend and couldn’t reply until now…

Ardour or Mixbus versions newer than what are provided on the AV Linux ISO’s can always be installed, AV Linux has no restrictions on this and is completely intended as a life-support system for Ardour… :wink:

Ardour 6 wasn’t released yet when the most recent AVL was released so it ships with 5.12…

As far as installing AV Linux to NVMe drives that is limited by the features of “systemback” which AVL uses as a 3rd party installation tool, some work has been done to enable installation on NVMe drives and some users have reported successful installs on their NVMe drives but reports are spotty and I personally have no NVMe hardware for testing… So to summarize NVMe support is new and seemingly doesn’t support all systems at this time.

Hi Glen,

by the way, thx a lot for your work. yes I know, that emmc and NVMe drives are a little bit tricky in linux - I was working with anticapitalista last december, to get them work in antiX.
You can contact me through PM in Ardour, when you want me to test a new version of systemback - or write a post in this thread. Not before beginning of September, but Ubuntu will leaf my laptop, when I finish the project.
By the way - antix and mxlinux can be easily remastered and have a nice installer. And its debian without systemd…

I’m surprised to hear anything about “NVMe and Linux”. I built a new machine last year (Ryzen Threadripper) and put in a Samsung NVMe without even thinking about it. Installed Debian (Buster) … never saw any sign that there was anything notable about using an NVMe device.