I paid for software and for subscription and it still goes silent

I paid for software and for subscription and it still goes silent??

What’s up with this?

After subscribing, have you downloaded and installed the full version?

See also https://ardour.org/faq.html#still-silent

Good luck, I paid for account and paying on a subscription,
yet I still can not use the software for very long
Silent Mode

Please see

It tried downloading but see no change in the file name or status, no indication to register the software or enter an ID? So how do I know if I have a Demo or the updated product?

  • You can wait 10 mins and see if a popup dialog comes up


  • Menu > Help > About > Config

and near the top, the full version has

Free/Demo copy: False

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I understand that the software is supposed to be downloaded from the ardour website, which is really frustrating when it downloads at sub 10 KB/s.
I think a lot of frustration would be solved if a demo version could somehow be converted to a full version. For example: Having a validate option in the license part of the settings, where you would just once log in to your ardour account.
This should be pretty easy if the “demo” state is a changeable property of the executable, which I don’t know.
Then, on the other hand, maybe the download time isn’t normally this bad.

Also, more prominently showing that you’re operating in a demo version would be beneficial and avoid confusion.

ardour,org is hosted on Amazon Web Services (US Eastern 1 region). Download speeds to my own computer here in New Mexico are around 3MB/sec over a 40MB/sec connection.

It is not possible to “validate a license”: Ardour is released under the GPL. You are free to copy it, distribute it to friends, get the source code, modify it, use it as you wish.

That’s why the demo state is a build-time condition. It’s just a build we provide at no cost that has the “going silent” drawback built into it. The builds we provide at non-zero cost do not have this limitation, but one cannot be converted into the other in any rational way.

Yes, I am aware of the open-source nature of the application :slight_smile:
Still, I thought that maybe since there is the offer of a precompiled version, it could be possible to convert the precompiled demo to a precompiled unlocked version. Just to remove the need to redownload and reinstall basically the same application again. Especially because there appears to be a bit of confusion with the two different versions. Third-party websites offering the download of the demo without clearly communicating the nature of the application being a demo is obviously not helping.

But, if it is not possible to change this after compilation, there is not much to do.

Thank you for the clarification there :slight_smile:

I would still suggest showing the fact of being a demo version inside the demo version more clearly. I can only imagine the frustration of someone downloading this from a third-party website thinking they downloaded a full and free application only to have the application, not work after 10 minutes.

For me, I’ll just wait the remaining 20 minutes of the download and enjoy this great software.