Paid a subscription..Now how do I get the full version

Hello Every one…New to Ardour.
I’ve been useing the demo for the past couple of days and decided to subscribe. How do I get out of demo mode? Is there a key? Thanks for your help.

Hi Metro. Yes, this is not user friendly at all. I also had problem finding the right path at first. If I remember good, you have to go in your account page. If you subscribed from your account section, you should have the link to the complete software to download.

Hi again Metro, I remembered how I did. If you paid through your account section, go to the download section. Chose Mac and on the bottom page you will find the link to the software. There should be a window reminding you the type of subscription you made.

I forgot: if you paid through the DONATE button on the right of the page, you won’t be able to download the complete program. I did the same thing. I first donated not nowing I couldn’t download the complete program, then I subscribed again to do that.

Never mind. Got it sorted.

Thanks Telover…Didn’t see your comments

Hi. I’m also new to Ardour. I’ve tested with the free version for 2 days.
Today, I just paid 46$, as proposed by Ardour, using “Single Payment” (If you choose to pay less than US$45, you will get the current version and updates).
But I don’t received a download link or I don’t see it…
And, I cannot get out the demo mode ;-(
Any idea to help??

I did this just now, I did have to read a bit on the forum to figure out how to do it right. Right now I’m actually still evaluating it to see if it meets my needs, so I’m not really ready to commit, but so far it does seem a bit easier to understand than a professional product that I got a 30-day demo of, and the 30 days expired while I was on vacation. Oh well

As I understand it, the one time fee is there for generosity, but I was uncertain that it will give the download link I want, so here’s the approach I took:

  • Because I’m not yet ready to commit, I paid a $1/mo subscription, which is pretty cheap for a full functioned demo (In my mind)

  • If I’m really happy, then you can expect from me some nice extra single donation(s), or change my monthly “subscription”.

I hope that’s reasonable. If I’m not happy, then I’ll just cancel my subscription and you’ll never hear from me again.

One comment: the “demo” DMG and the unrestricted DMG have the same name, I can see how this might confuse some people. In my day job I manage the SW build environment and an Jenkins cluster of 20 nodes, so I understand the pain of having different filenames for essentially the same build, but I can understand how it can be confusing for the poor first time guy.

Anyway, I hope my success helps the next poor guy understand your funding model.

The key part to this, make sure you are logged into the site when you donate/subscribe/etc.

Otherwise there is no way to know if you donated to get the official version.


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