I made a couple of new themes

Hi All,

I made a couple of Ardour themes based on the Monokai colour scheme that you see floating around for a number of editors (I think it first originated for Sublime Text, but it is hard to find proper attribution). They’re somewhat of a work in progress, but here they are any.


Feedback appreciated!


Guy (aka dynamicsamurai on IRC)


Monokai Soda


Hi! Monokai Soda looks great! I like your Loop rectangle color and all green decisions in general.
IMO one tweak needed: midi note selected outline almost not noticeable - so I propose to make it more visible white:
Honestly, I’d like to propose to change the default green loop rectangle and automation line in the default “dark” theme to more bright and contrast. Your green presentation is a good reference in this case…
Thanks for sharing!

That’s a really good call! I’ll make that tweak tonight. Thanks for the

Looks Great! Very nice work!

I updated the midi note selected outline to be the (almost) white colour.

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